TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive

The anime-inspired toy game Beyblade Burst has captured children and collectors with its distinctive spinning tops and furious battles. TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is one of the most recent and eagerly anticipated additions to the Beyblade Burst lineup. This new layer is equipped with cutting-edge technology and design characteristics that promise to improve the performance and thrill of Beyblade combat. In this post, we will discuss the features and capabilities of the B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive, as well as its compatibility with other Beyblade Burst parts and its competitive potential.

 Review B-200 Xcalibur QuadDrive

B-200 Xcalibur QuadDrive Design And Construction

Design And Build

TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is a sleek and modern spinning top with four different blades that can be switched out to make different designs. The layer is made of high-quality plastic and has a lightweight but strong design that helps it move quickly and easily in battle. The Layer is 48.5mm by 46.5mm by 6.7mm, which makes it slightly bigger than some of the other Beyblade Burst layers. This gives it a larger surface area and more points of contact. The Core of the Layer, which is where the Burst stopper mechanism is, is also made with four protrusions to increase the number of contact points and improve its overall performance. The DB (Dynamic Boost) feature, which looks like a small bump on each blade, makes the Beyblade stronger and more stable during battles. Xcalibur QuadDrive's design and construction show a high level of attention to detail and the use of cutting-edge technology to make it as effective as possible on the battlefield.



Xcalibur QuadDrive is a top-of-the-line Beyblade Burst upgrade that promises extraordinary battle performance. The Layer is made up of four individual blades that may be separated and rearranged to vary the overall shape and performance characteristics of the Layer. The Layer's design also includes improved weight distribution and stability elements for greater spin time, burst resistance, and attack force.

TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive proved to be a powerful opponent on the battlefield during performance testing. With an average spin time of more than two minutes in testing settings, it outperformed many other Beyblade Burst Layers. Furthermore, the Layer displayed great stability during fight, resisting wobbling and losing spin momentum.

TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive proved to be extremely effective in terms of attack power. The Layer's four blades allow you many points of contact with the opposing Beyblade, increasing the probability of knocking it out or bursting it entirely. Similarly, the Layer displayed excellent defensive powers, able to endure the blows of enemy Beyblades without bursting.

TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive performs admirably, making it a strong choice for dedicated Beyblade Burst fans. Its superior technology and design characteristics increase spin time, stability, attack power, and defence significantly, making it a desirable addition to any collection.



DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is meant to be interoperable with other Beyblade Burst components, allowing users to construct bespoke combos and test out various strategies. The layer is equipped with a QuadDrive System, which consists of four independent contact points that provide enhanced stability and control during engagements. This groundbreaking design allows the B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive to be combined with a wide variety of Forge Discs, Performance Tips, and other layers to create unique and potent combos. Specifically, the B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is compatible with the Dash Driver series of Performance Tips, which have a rubber compound that boosts grip and spin time. In addition, the layer's four contact points can be used to generate a variety of spin patterns and angles, allowing users to tailor their gaming to their personal tastes. Overall, the B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive's compatibility makes it a wonderful addition to any Beyblade Burst collection and an invaluable asset in competitive play

Competitive Scene

The TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive has become a popular choice for competitive Beyblade Burst players very quickly. It has a clear advantage in battles because of its unique design, which includes four blades and a "quad drive" system. When used with certain driver and disc combinations, the Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive can make impressive spin times and attack power, making it a tough opponent. In competitive play, the Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is often paired with drivers like Xtreme', Bearing, and Destroy', which improve its stability and attack. Also, players can pair the Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive with heavy discs like 0 or 00 to make it even stronger and less likely to break. Overall, the Layer - TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is a great addition to any competitive Beyblade Burst player's arsenal and is sure to make an impact in tournaments and matches.


TAKARA TOMY B-200 Beyblade Burst DB Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is a top-tier layer that shines in both offensive and defensive play. Unique in the Beyblade Burst universe, the QuadDrive's durability and resistance to bursting make it a must-have for every fan of the series. The Core-Xcalibur QuadDrive is an essential upgrade for any player, whether they're just starting out or aiming for the highest levels of competition. In conclusion, it's a great buy for any Beyblade Burst enthusiast and a demonstration of TAKARA TOMY's dedication to improving the series through creativity and quality.

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