Reviews Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-21 Fujin Emerald (Asia Version)

Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-21 Fujin Emerald (Asia Version) is a new toy that has kids and adults alike excited. The Bottleman is a one-of-a-kind combination of a bottle cap you can collect and a game where you fight other Bottleman users. This toy has become very popular in Asia and is now making its way to other parts of the world, where it is attracting collectors and people who like to play games. In this informative article, we'll talk about the Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-21 Fujin Emerald's features, and game play.


Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-21 Fujin Emerald (Asia Version)

Design and Construction

The Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-21 has an excellent design and construction quality. The durable plastic and metal construction of the toy ensures its durability and sturdiness during play. The outside design of The Bottleman is aesthetically and visually appealing, with exquisite features and brilliant hues. The Bottleman's cap has a superior grip, allowing the player to spin it with ease and precision during gameplay. BOT-21 Fujin Emerald is a popular collector among fans of this genre due to its sleek and contemporary look. The strong construction quality of this toy ensures that it can survive any impact or rough play that may occur during play. Bottleman BOT-21 is a must-have toy for collectors and enthusiasts because to its superior design and construction.

Features and Performance

The Takara Tomy BOT-21 has various distinguishing qualities that set it apart from other toys on the market. To begin with, the bottleman is crafted of high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and lifespan. Its sleek form and colourful appearance make it an appealing collection for both children and adults.

BOT-21 is recognized for its speed, precision, and power. It can shoot bottle caps with considerable force and precision, making it an entertaining toy to employ during combat. The Bottleman comes with a launcher that allows users to launch their bottle caps and aim at their opponents.

The Bottleman also has the unique ability to swap its cap with other bottleman caps, allowing users to construct their own customized Bottleman. This function provides a degree of customization to the toy, making it more engaging and enjoyable to play with.

Gaming Experience

Playing games with BOT-21 is a thrilling and entertaining experience. Bottleman is a game that demands strategy, accuracy, and talent to play against other players.

It's up to the player to assemble their Bottleman and fit it with their choice cap. The next step is for them to utilize the launcher to fire their bottle cap towards the opposing team's Bottleman in an effort to topple it.

Several game options, such as one-on-one duels and team duels, are available. That makes the game more interesting and opens it up to more participants.

The opportunity for friendly competition is one of the game's most thrilling features. Gamers can go head to head to see who has the best Bottleman and who has the most fighting prowess. A sense of community is fostered, and players are inspired to sharpen their abilities and strategies.


Takara Tomy Bottleman BOT-21 Fujin Emerald (Asia Edition) is a fascinating toy that offers youngsters and adults a unique gaming experience. Its design, features, and performance set it apart from other collector toys available on the market. The element of competition adds excitement and adrenaline to the gameplay, making the game a hit among gamers. The value provided by the Bottleman BOT-21 Fujin Emerald justifies the price, which may appear costly. Overall, the Bottleman BOT-21 Fujin Emerald is an excellent addition to any toy collection and is certain to bring hours of enjoyment.

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