TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst DB QuadDrive Random Booster Vol. 27 FULL SET B-194

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Product Information

TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst DB Quad Drive Random Booster Vol. 27 FULL SET B-194 (7 Beyblades)

Brand:  TakaraTomy

Model: B-194 Random Booster (FULLSET)

Complete Set of 7 Beyblades:

B-194 01: Devil Belial Giga Mobius-3

DB Core - Belial 1
Blade - Devil
Armor - 3
Forge Disc - Giga
Performance Tip - Mobius

B-194 02: Dynamite Valkyrie Over Just-6

DB Core - Valkyrie 1
Blade - Dynamite
Armor - 6
Forge Disc - Over
Performance Tip - Just

B-194 03: Guilty Spriggan Outer Never-2

DB Core - Spriggan
Blade - Guilty
Armor - 2
Forge Disc - Outer
Performance Tip - Never

B-194 04: Vanish Longinus Nexus Moment-7

DB Core - Longinus
Blade - Vanish
Armor - 7
Forge Disc - Nexus
Performance Tip - Moment

B-194 05: Astral Fafnir Karma Venture-0

DB Core - Fafnir
Blade - Astral
Armor - 0
Forge Disc - Karma
Performance Tip - Venture

B-194 06: Galaxy Pegasis Legacy Xtreme' (w/ F & V Gears)

Energy Layer - Galaxy Pegasis
Forge Disc - Legacy
Performance Tip - Xtreme'
F-Gear, V-Gear

B-194 07: Dragoon V2 Tapered Zone' (w/ S & L Gears)

Energy Layer - Dragoon V2
Forge Disc - Tapered
Performance Tip - Zone'
S-Gear, L-Gear



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