The Beyblade phenomenon continues to captivate fans worldwide with its thrilling battles and competitive spirit. Takara Tomy Company, is proud to announce the launch of their latest innovation, "BEYBLADE X" the fourth generation of this beloved toy franchise. With the introduction of the new gimmick "X Dash," BEYBLADE X takes the game to new heights, offering special moves reminiscent of those seen in the animated series. In this article, we will delve deeper into the features and offerings of the BEYBLADE X product lineup, showcasing its revolutionary design and its impact on the world of competitive Beyblade.

Beyblade X Generation 4 leaks

The Fastest Attack in History: X Dash Gimmick

BEYBLADE X introduces a complete redesign of the Beyblade (frame), launcher, and stadium, pushing the boundaries of speed and excitement. The integration of a rail system within the stadium allows for a powerful acceleration, thanks to the engagement between the "gear" on the Beyblade's axis and the rail itself. This groundbreaking feature, known as "X Dash," enables players to execute lightning-fast attacks, creating a strategic and intense battle experience. Fans can now realize their dreams of performing special moves and awe-inspiring attacks, just like their favorite characters from the anime and manga series.

Combining The Best Of Past Generations

Detailed look at Beyblade X Generation information

Building upon the success of previous generations, BEYBLADE X incorporates the most popular elements from the first, second, and third generations. Drawing inspiration from the first-generation "BAKUTEN" Beyblade, the second-generation "Metal Fight Beyblade," and the burst gimmicks of the third-generation "Beyblade Burst," this new iteration aims to cater to a wide range of players, from children to adults. The inclusion of the "X" gimmick further enhances these beloved features, taking them to new heights.

Introducing GEAR SPORTS

Beyblade has transcended from a simple toy to a full-fledged sport, demanding mental, physical, and strategic skills from its players. The introduction of GEAR SPORTS elevates the competition, challenging participants to refine their abilities, practice GEAR SPORTS techniques, and master the art of modification and reconfiguration using precisely adjustable gears. This evolution not only engages the players themselves but also attracts a growing number of spectators, drawn by the intensity and excitement of the battles.

Product Lineup And Availability

The initial release of the BEYBLADE X series includes several exciting products. The "BX-01 Starter Dran sword 3-60F" serves as the perfect entry point, offering a Beyblade (frame) and launcher set. Additionally, the "BX-09 BeyBattle Pass" acts as a dedicated device that digitally interacts with the Beyblades, measuring and recording power and usage statistics. These products, along with others, will be available You can pre-order here for having your piece asap.

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