Exploring the New Beyblade X: An In-Depth Breakdown of the Burst and Gear Systems

Diving into the intricate details of the Beyblade X combo, including the revolutionary burst system and the innovative gear system. In this blog article we are going to explore each component and learn how they contribute to the excitement of Beyblade battles.

Breaking Down The Beyblade X Combo:

The Beyblade X combo comprises three crucial parts: the beat, the ratchet, and the blade. Let's start with the beat, which serves as the foundation for both the burst system and the gear system. This component plays a pivotal role in determining the movement of your Beyblade, based on the shape of its teeth. During the release, there are four different beats available: flat for attack, needle for defense, male for stamina, and taper for balanced types. Each beat possesses unique ratings for attack, difference, and stamina, with an additional rating representing burst resistance.

Gear System In Beyblade X

Understanding The Gear System:

The gear system, aptly named the extreme dash game, sets Beyblade X apart from its predecessors. The beat's gear part interacts with the gear cogs on the stadium ridge, resulting in varied performance. Initially, the four beats have 12 gear cogs, but future releases may introduce varying sizes and numbers of cogs. Smaller gear diameters offer greater speed upon contact, while larger gears provide enhanced control but slower movement. This versatile gear system adds an exciting dimension to the Beyblade X experience.

Bit and Cogs in Beyblade X Gear system

The Importance Of Burst Resistance:

You may be curious about the burst system rating present in the beat. The answer lies in the shaft part of the beat. Each beat features a distinct shape and thickness that influences its burst resistance. Stamina and defense type beats are designed with lower burst resistance, whereas attack and balance type beats boast higher burst resistance. A burst finish occurs when the beat comes off, adding an element of unpredictability to the battles.

Examining The Ratchet:

Moving on to the ratchet, which comes in four variants upon release: 3-64-63-80 and 4-80. The naming convention provides valuable insights. The first digit indicates the number of blade points, while the second digit represents the height of the blade. For instance, 3-60 signifies a ratchet with three blade points and a blade height of 60. The ratings indicate five possible heights, with 60 and 80 already available. By deduction, the remaining heights are 50, 70, and 70. These heights influence the center of gravity of your Beyblade, impacting its performance.

Unveiling The Blade:

The Beyblade X series offers four distinct blades during its initial release. Each blade represents attack, defense, stamina, or balance. Inspired by the second generation of metal fight Beyblades, these blades feature unique shapes and weights, influencing their performance. As with previous iterations, each blade possesses individual ratings for attack, defense, and stamina. Currently, only right-spin blades are available, but left-spin and even dual-spin blades might be introduced in future releases, reminiscent of the first generation.

Beyblade X Parts

Revamped Launchers:

The new generation of Beyblades introduces revamped launchers with three prongs, compared to the previous two-prong design. This enhancement significantly improves grip and prevents mishaps during the launch, ensuring a seamless battle experience. There are two types of launchers: the Winder launcher and the string launcher. It's worth noting that the three-prong design limits the launch direction, but stay tuned to discover how the character Tony innovates launchers to overcome this limitation.

The Role Of Specialized Stadiums:

Specialized Beyblade X stadium

To unleash the full potential of Beyblade X, specialized stadiums are a must. For the first time, these stadiums feature gear cogs on the surges, triggering the extreme dash dynamic. Playing with Beyblade X in its dedicated stadium ensures an optimized experience. Additionally, the stadium incorporates two pockets that act as traps for Beyblades. When a Beyblade gets caught in these pockets, it results in a two-point deduction. Furthermore, there's a larger ring-out area worth three points, known as an extreme finish, as it requires an extreme dash move to knock your opponent out.

Armed with the knowledge of Beyblade X's anatomy, it's time for you to unleash your creativity and develop powerful combos that suit your playstyle. As new products are released, we'll explore more components in detail.

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