Reviewing BX-01 Dran Sword: The Next Evolution in Beyblade X Battling

Reviewing BX-01 Dran Sword: The Next Evolution in Beyblade X Battling

 The Beyblade X series brought innovative new Beyblade designs when it launched in 2023. One of the most popular Beyblades from this series is the powerful BX-01 Dran Sword. This attack-type Beyblade has become a fan favorite thanks to its fierce competitive performance and unique samurai-inspired design.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the BX-01 Dran Sword - from its stats and features to tips on how to use it in battle. Whether you’re a competitive Blader looking to add Dran Sword to your collection or a casual fan wanting to learn more, this guide has everything you need to know about this awesome Beyblade!

BX-01 Dran Sword beyblade

An Overview of the BX-01 Dran Sword Beyblade

Dran Sword was one of the first Beyblades released in the BX series. It’s known for its impressive attack power and ability to deal massive damage in the Beystadium. Here are some quick facts about the BX-01 Dran Sword:

- Type: Attack

- Element: Fire

- Spin Direction: Right Spin

The design of Dran Sword takes inspiration from Japanese samurai and their katana swords. The fusion wheel has a distinctive shape with three sword-like wings spreading outwards. The red and silver color scheme also evokes the look of samurai armor.

When launched into battle, Dran Sword has an aggressive right-spinning movement pattern. The three wings on the fusion wheel create strong smash attack power when they make contact. This makes Dran Sword a great choice for Bladers who favor hard-hitting offensive tactics.

Beyblade X BX-01 Dran Sword

Key Parts of the Dran Sword Beyblade

Now let’s take a closer look at the different parts that make up the Dran Sword Beyblade:

Fusion Wheel: Dranzer Sword

The three-winged fusion wheel is what gives Dran Sword its signature shape and hard-hitting attack power. The wheel is made from lightweight polycarbonate, allowing the wings to generate forceful blows when they smash into opponents.

Spin Track: 105

Dran Sword uses the standard 105 spin track. This is a medium height, balanced track suitable for attack combos. The 105 track allows for solid stability without sacrificing attack potential.

Performance Tip: Coat Extreme Flat (CEF)

The CEF tip features a flat, wide surface for maximum friction with the stadium floor. This allows Dran Sword to maintain speed and force while attacking. The coating on the tip also improves stamina and stability during battles.

Overall, the fusion wheel, spin track, and performance tip work together to create an aggressive right-spinning Beyblade optimized for dealing heavy smash attacks. Dran Sword is all about offense in the arena!

Stats and Special Features

Now that we’ve looked at the parts, let’s examine some of the key stats and special features that make Dran Sword a top competitive attack Beyblade:

- Smash Attack: 5/5

- Speed: 3/5 

- Stamina: 2/5

- Burst Resistance: 2/5

- Weight: 47 grams

Along with its excellent smash attack power, Dran Sword also has above-average speed thanks to its light weight and CEF tip. While not the fastest Beyblade, Dran Sword has enough speed to outmaneuver slower defense and stamina types.

The Dranzer Sword fusion wheel is constructed from five different layers. This provides the structural integrity to withstand big collisions and reduce the chance of bursting. The CEF tip also provides additional burst resistance with its wide, grippy surface.

Overall, the outstanding smash attack power paired with decent speed and burst resistance make Dran Sword a formidable right-spin attacker suited for competitive play.


Customization Combos and Parts

One of the great things about Beyblade is the ability to customize Beyblades with different parts and combos. Here are some of the most popular custom combos using Dran Sword or its parts:

- Dran Sword Sword-105-CEF: The basic Dran Sword combo that maximizes attack.

- Dran Sword Sword-00Cross-CEF: Lower profile for improved stability and burst resistance.

- Dran Sword Sword-230WD-CF: The 230WD tip provides extra stamina and defense.

- Dran Sword Sword-10 Proof-CF: Great for pure attack strength.

- Dranzer Sword Wheel on a left spin combo: Dranzer Sword can be used to add attack power to a left spinning Beyblade.

As you can see, there are lots of possibilities! Bladers like to experiment with parts from other Beyblades to create custom Dran Sword combos tailored to their specific battle style and strengths.

Choosing the Right Launcher for Dran Sword

Having the right launcher is important for maximizing Dran Sword’s potential in the Beystadium. Here are two great launcher options for this fierce attack Beyblade:

Beylauncher LR Light Launcher

Hasbro’s Beylauncher LR Light Launcher is specifically designed for right spin Beyblades like Dran Sword. The LR Launcher provides an extra boost of speed and power to improve attacks. The grippy launcher handle also allows you to rip Dran Sword into battle with added force.

Digital Sword Launcher

The Digital Sword Launcher has a sword-shaped design fitting for Dran Sword. This right spin launcher contains metal components for launching strength. The Digital Sword Launcher also has a digital display that can count launch RPMs. This allows Bladers to test and track launch power.

Both of these launchers are great choices for unleashing the full power of Dran Sword into the Beystadium. A good launcher improves accuracy, speed, and launch consistency.

Tips and Strategies for Using Dran Sword

Now let’s look at some battle tactics and tips for using Dran Sword effectively against opponents:

- Attack aggressively before the other Beyblade gains speed

- Use the Beystadium walls and corners for bankshots 

- Launch at an angle to maximize smash attack power

- Go for a burst finish by targeting the opponent's spin pattern  

- Pair with a lightweight Forge Disc for added speed

- Customize with attack parts like 00Cross, 10 Proof, and other aggressive tips

- Practice launch techniques to improve aim and power 

- Burst training helps reduce self-bursts during big attacks

- Control the battle by striking quickly before the opponent can react

With practice, Dran Sword Bladers can learn to control matches by striking first with heavy hits. Combining power, angles, and speed is key to maximizing Dran Sword’s full potential in the stadium.

Dran Sword BX-01

Dominate the Beystadium with Dran Sword

The BX-01 Dran Sword Beyblade lives up to its samurai inspiration by bringing fierce competitive performance. With strong smash attack power, decent speed, and good burst resistance, this attack type Beyblade is ready to cause major damage in the Beystadium. Add Dran Sword to your collection if you love hard-hitting, aggressive battling styles.


The BX-01 Dran Sword from the Beyblade X series is a remarkable Beyblade that offers a unique and thrilling spinning top experience. With its cutting-edge design, mechanical enhancements, and special abilities, it has captured the hearts of Beyblade enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're a collector or a competitive blader, Dran Sword is a Beyblade that deserves a special place in your collection.

Remember, mastering Dran Sword takes time and practice, but the journey is filled with excitement and camaraderie, thanks to the welcoming Beyblade X community. So, embrace the world of Beyblade X and experience the thrill of battles like never before with the BX-01 Dran Sword.

Get ready to let it rip and witness the power of Dran Sword as it conquers the Beyblade arena. Happy Beyblading!


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