BX-24 A Review of Cosmic Collision of Beyblade Power

BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2: A Review of Cosmic Collision of Beyblade Power


Calling all Beyblade enthusiasts! Prepare for an exhilarating dive into the realm of spinning tops with Takara Tomy's BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2. This comprehensive review delves into the intricacies of each Beyblade within this exclusive Beyblade X collection, shedding light on their attributes, strategies, and unique abilities.

BX-24 Random Booster

Beyblade Random Booster Vol. 2 Set with Exclusive Beys

Takara Tomy has just announced the upcoming release of their latest Beyblade X random booster set, the BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2. This set is packed with 6 new Beyblade X tops and is set to be one of the most exciting Beyblade releases of 2023. In this blog post, we’ll take a close look at everything you need to know about the BX-24 set including release date, what's inside the box, and details on all the new Beyblade X tops.

What is a Beyblade Random Booster?

One of the ways Takara Tomy keeps the Beyblade market fresh is through “Random Booster” releases. Random Boosters feature a selection of 4-6 Beyblade tops in surprise packages, where fans do not know which specific Bey they will get.

Half the fun of Random Boosters is the excitement of not knowing which one you will unpack. This also makes certain Beys more rare and valuable for trading and collecting.

On top of that, Random Boosters often contain exclusive parts and decorator pieces not found in any other set. This makes them highly sought after by competitive players looking to optimize their builds as well as completionist collectors.

What's Inside the BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2

The BX-24 set contains a complete set of 6 Beyblade X tops. This includes:

BX-24 01 Wyvern Gale 5-80 GB

BX-24 02 Wyvern Gale 3-60 Taper 

BX-24 03 Knight Lance 4-60 GB

BX-24 04 Viper Tail 5-60 Flat

BX-24 05 Leon Claw 3-80 High Needle

BX-24 06 Wizard Arrow 4-80 GB

With 6 powerful and unique new additions to the Beyblade X lineup, the BX-24 set has something for every type of blader. Keep reading to learn more about the capabilities and special features of each top.

Takara Tomy Beyblade X BX-24 Random Booster

BX-24 01 Wyvern Gale 5-80 GB

Wyvern Gale 5-80 GB serves as a stamina-type Beyblade X top. Its slim, winged fusion wheel is optimized for conserving spin velocity and stamina. Combined with an 80 wide ball tip, this top has exceptional balance and the ability to outlast aggressive attack-types. The metallic green and black color scheme gives Wyvern Gale a sinister, dragon-inspired look.

BX-24 02 Wyvern Gale 3-60 Taper

A more offensive version of Wyvern Gale, the 3-60 Taper features a more compact fusion wheel paired with a tapered tip. With its ability to transition from attack mode to stamina mode, Wyvern Gale 3-60 Taper packs versatility and adaptability perfect for switch-strike battles. Its red coloration and ferocious dragon decals let your opponents know this top means business. 

BX-24 03 Knight Lance 4-60 GB

Modeled after a medieval knight, Knight Lance brings heavy-hitting attack power to the table. Its 4 blade fusion wheel delivers intense, destabilizing smash attacks that aggressively knock opponents off balance. Combined with a wide 60 gray ball tip for stability, Knight Lance 4-60 GB excels at both attack and defense.

BX-24 04 Viper Tail 5-60 Flat

True to its name, Viper Tail 5-60 Flat strikes with lightning fast hit-and-run attack potency. Its flat tip and smooth, rounded fusion wheel geometry enable remarkably quick movements and nimble evasive maneuvers. After smashing opponents with blistering attacks, Viper Tail uses its speed and mobility to avoid counterattacks. 

BX-24 05 Leon Claw 3-80 High Needle

Sporting sharp spikes and an intimidating lion motif, Leon Claw enters the stadium ready to pounce. Its compact 3 blade fusion wheel concentrates weight near the perimeter for bone-crunching impact. Combined with the High Needle tip's precision balance, Leon Claw unleashes destabilizing attacks that aggressively pursue and topple opponents. 

BX-24 06 Wizard Arrow 4-80 GB 

Wizard Arrow brings exceptional balance and consistency tailored for competitive play. Its sturdy, arrow-shaped fusion wheel provides defense against attacks while storing kinetic energy. The wide 80 GB tip ensures stability both for launching powerful counters and outlasting less balanced opponents in endurance battles. For advanced players, Wizard Arrow enables complete control over matchups.

Release Date: December 2023

The BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2 is scheduled to release in December 2023. This makes it one of the most highly anticipated holiday releases for Beyblade fans. Be sure to pre-order now to secure your set right away and unlock exclusive rewards. As one of the first to get your hands on the BX-24 set, you'll be able to discover and master the new META before anyone else.

Beyblade X BX-24 Random Booster

Pros and Cons of the Takara Tomy BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2:


- Great value with 6 unique Beyblade X tops in one set

- Introduces several new competitive parts into the metagame

- Tops feature a good mix of attributes like stamina, attack, defense, and speed

- Wyvern Gale and Wizard Arrow have exceptional balance and spin velocity

- Leon Claw and Viper Tail provide aggressive attacking potential

- Knight Lance brings heavy-hitting smash attack power

- Wyvern Gale 3-60 Taper offers versatility with switch-strike capability 

- Wizard Arrow's consistency is perfect for high-level competitive play

- Dynamic and fierce dragon-themed designs on several tops


- Quality control issues occasionally observed in Takara Tomy products

- Getting the specific parts you want requires luck from random booster format

- Some bladers may not like the mystical creature motif of the set

- For collectors, getting a full set requires obtaining 6+ individual boosters

- Less focus on pure stamina-type parts than defense and attack 

- Launching and handling may have a learning curve for younger bladers

- Stock issues or production delays could disrupt release timeline

- Resale value tends to drop over time as parts become less rare

Overall, the BX-24 set brings competitive value, INTENSE power, longevity, and full-set collection incentive to players invested in the Beyblade X Xtreme Gear Sports competitive scene. With multiple avenues for utilizing these expertly-designed parts, the pros seem to significantly outweigh the cons for most bladers.

Take Your Beyblade X Game to the Next Level

With 6 unique and expertly crafted Beyblade X tops, the BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2 set delivers outstanding value and new strategic possibilities. Each top has specializations from stamina to defense to lightning-fast attack potency to give bladers control over their battling style. Moreover, the set introduces brand new parts into the developing Beyblade X metagame.

Be the first player at your school or Beyblade club to master these new tops and gain a strategic advantage over your friends and rivals. Pre-order the Takara Tomy BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2 today to climb to the cutting edge of the Beyblade X competitive scene!

Recommended combo builds using parts from the BX-24:

Wyvern Offense Combo:

Layer - Wyvern Gale Disc - 5 Driver - Around Flat

This combo focuses on strong Smash Attack potential thanks to

the wide, circular perimeters of both the Wyvern Gale Layer and 5 Disc. Paired

with Around Flat's impressive speed and mobility, it can quickly strike

opponents for explosive KOs.

Viper Venom Combo:

Layer - Viper Tail Disc - 7 Driver - Atomic'

Utilizing the skinny, tapered shape of Viper Tail, this build

specializes in Stamina-type spin velocity and Outspin potential. The 7 Disc

provides additional centrifugal force, while Atomic' maintains a flower-pattern

movement for reduced friction and enhanced Life After Death.

Lion Fang Combo:

Layer - Leon Claw Disc - 2 Driver - Bearing

This setup leverages Leon Claw's high-recoil spring blades to

maximize Attack strength. 2 helps concentrate the impact force to split

opponents' Layers. Lastly, Bearing retains Right-spin traction for drawn-out

Knock-Out attempts.

Wizard Tempest Combo:

Layer - Wizard Arrow

Disc - 11 Driver - Xtreme'

This Balance-focused build takes advantage of Wizard Arrow's Magnum-frame grooves fitting into 11's notches for enhanced Resistance. Meanwhile, Xtreme''s rubber flat tip maintains solid traction amid intense attacks to outlast opponents. So whether going for explosive Smash Attack KOs, strategic spin velocity or Stamina – these combos leverage the best parts from BX-24 for optimized performance in Beyblade battle. Expert players can equip these competitive builds to up their game.

Takara Tomy Beyblade X BX-24


This is a must-have set for diehard Beyblade collectors and a smart competitive purchase for tournament players. More casual fans may prefer cheaper Hasbro releases instead. But the chance to own rare Beys direct from Takara Tomy carries strong value for Beyblade devotees internationally.Owning the BX-24 Vol. 2 set brings bragging rights as you wield folklore-inspired Beys packed with competitive potential fresh from Japan. And discovering which surprise Beyblade is hidden in each blind box ratchets up the fun for any fan.

With designs tapping into cultural lore worldwide, competitive performance parts ready for battle, and the blind box thrill of random chance, the BX-24 Random Booster Vol. 2 set delivers outstanding appeal across Beyblade fandom. Both newcomers and experts alike can discover the joy of Beyblade X with this new legendary release from Takara Tomy.


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