BX-27 Sphinx Cowl Random Booster - A Comprehensive Review

Challenge notified, Beyblade X series is here again with more hard-hitting action. In this world of duels where every release brings a new and exciting degree of passion, fans are all too willing to show their talents in the arena. Joining other players on the field, the Sphinx Cowl Random Booster which is the latest updated, became a favorite for many people because of its advanced and expensive construction. Each individual booster will contain 1 of the following Beyblades BX-27 01: Sphinx Cowl 9-80GN, BX-27 02: Sphinx Cowl 4-80HT, BX-27 03: Sphinx Cowl 5-60O

Here in this piece, we endeavor to go deep into the artistic bits and pieces that compose the novelty Beyblade, tabulating and analyzing every perk it might have.

BX-27 Sphinx Cowl

BX-27 01: Sphinx Cowl 9-80GN


'Sphinx' cowl would not be the same without its signature 'Sphinx' blade which is the main defensive part engineered to withstand strongest attacks. This blade's design, a jagged edge characteristic, epitomizes the idea of successive defense deflecting attacks from any angle with apposition precision. This defensive ability is further reinforced by an Ergonomic ratchet mechanism with 9 sides, which is a part of the recent upgrade. This not only allows balance and stamina to be enhanced but also assures resilience at the time of pressure.


One integral component in the process assembly of any Beyblade is the ratchet, a function key that determines the performance on the battle-field. As for Sphinx Cowl, the novelty ratchet mechanism of 9-80N characterizes the newness of component upgrade. These dimensions create a delicate balance which makes this configuration both maneuverable and stable providing the best bases for height maneuvering. Contrary to its frequently negative accolades, the Sphinx Cowl invites the exploration of new areas and rethinks ways its use may go beyond the typical expectancies.

Gear Bit:

With a new gear bit featuring, the bounds of innovation are unlimited. Akin to the regular needle the latter emphasizes the invincibility of extreme dashes making the latter that much better with the attack- and counter-capabilities. The rotation quickly builds up due to its low-resistance design, which allows master bladers to outplay their rivals with a higher level of confidence. Some may criticize the inconsistency within the gear bits but the Sphinx Cowl's version offers a perfect stage to demonstrate the reliability of the versatile selections.

BX-27 01 Sphinx Cowl 9-80GN

BX-27 02: Sphinx Cowl 4-80HT


The centerpiece of the BX-27 is its blade, known as the Sphinx Cowl. This blade boasts a striking design with jagged edges, intended to enhance its defensive capabilities. True to its name, the Sphinx Cowl features a Black and red color scheme. While the color choice adds to its aesthetic appeal.


One of the standout features of the Sphinx Cowl is the inclusion of the High Taper component. This design choice offers more than just aesthetic appeal; it provides tangible performance benefits. The High Taper, with its center of gravity advantage, introduces a level of aggressiveness that surpasses traditional taper designs. This allows for maneuvers that destabilize opponents and provide strategic advantages during battles.


While the Sphinx Cowl excels in many aspects, its Achilles heel lies in the 4-80 ratchet component. Despite potential stamina advantages, the 4-80 ratchet is notorious for its susceptibility to bursting. With a ease of bursting that surpasses other options, it becomes a point of contention among Beyblade enthusiasts. The 4-80 ratchet's ease of bursting detracts from an otherwise solid design and can hamper performance during battles

Sphinx Cowl 4-80HT

BX-27 03 Sphinx Cowl 5-60O


The centerpiece of the BX-27 03 is its blade, known as the Sphinx Cowl. This blade boasts a striking design with jagged edges, intended to enhance its defensive capabilities. True to its name, the Sphinx Cowl features a predominantly white color scheme, reminiscent of snow-covered landscapes.

Ratchet: 5-60

The 5-60 ratchet serves as a pivotal component of the BX-27 03's performance. Renowned for its solid defense and stamina, this ratchet earns recognition as the second-best in its class, falling just below the esteemed 960 variant. Its robust construction ensures durability in battle, making it a formidable opponent to contend with. Additionally, the ratchet's compatibility with other Beyblade parts enhances its versatility, allowing for various customization options to suit different play styles.

Bit Orb: 

The Bit Orb, which is part of the construction of BX-27 and is among the most important components of stabilization and defense, is the last component to be compiled. The Bit Orb is equipped with low-resistance technology. Consequently, It helps to serve great rotations as well which lays the base for enduring the battles. While some may argue that it falls slightly short of the ball in terms of stamina, the Bit Orb compensates with its added defensive capabilities. Its strategic placement within the Beyblade's assembly ensures optimal balance and maneuverability, allowing for precise control during intense clashes.

Sphinx Cowl 5-60O

Design Aesthetics: Aesthetics and Functionality

Although functionality is indispensable in Beybaydle, the design appeal cannot be overlooked which contributes greatly to the attraction of bladers. The Sphinx squad has several recolor variations with different colors already changing the look and the reflexes of each Beyblade when facing off in battle.

White Sphinx: Pure Elegance

The white Sphinx embodies elegance and purity, showcasing the beauty of simplicity on the battlefield. With its snow-white hue, this Beyblade stands out as a symbol of resilience and determination, ready to face any challenge head-on.

Black Sphinx: Stealth and Power

In contrast, the black Sphinx exudes an aura of stealth and power, blending into the shadows as it prepares to strike. Its sleek design and bold color scheme make it a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into the hearts of opponents with every spin.

BX-27 Sphinx Cowl

Canadian-themed Sphinx: A Tribute to Resilience

Lastly, the Canadian-themed Sphinx pays homage to the resilience and strength of bladers across the globe. With its Blizzard Sphinx design, this Beyblade embodies the spirit of perseverance in the face of adversity, inspiring bladers to push past their limits and achieve greatness.


In conclusion, the BX-27 series featuring the Sphinx Beyblade offers a compelling blend of innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. With its groundbreaking design, reinforced components, and captivating recolors, the Sphinx series promises to revolutionize the way bladers approach battles in Beyblade Evolution. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the world of Beyblade, the Sphinx series invites you to embark on a journey of discovery and mastery. Embrace the thrill of competition, unleash the power of the Sphinx Beyblade, and forge your path to glory on the battlefield.

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