Getting Started With Beyblade X: A Comprehensive Guide

Must-Have Beyblade X Products For Getting Started In The New Generation

In this blog post, we're going to explore the essential Beyblade X products you should consider purchasing to kick off your journey in this exciting new generation. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a parent looking for Beyblades for your little ones, we'll help you navigate the options and ensure you have everything you need to dive into the Beyblade X world. So, let's get started!

Choosing The Right Stadium:

To begin your Beyblade X adventure, you'll need a stadium. First option is the BX 07 Start Dash Set, ideal for those looking to engage in professional Beyblade battles. This set includes a stadium, a starter Beyblade, a launcher grip, and a string launcher, which is crucial for powerful launches and competitive play.

Alternatively, the BX 10 Jelly Stadium Set offers a simpler stadium option, if you're less focused on the competitive scene and don't require the string launcher, this is a suitable choice.

BX 07 Vs Bx 10 stadiums for beyblade X

Getting The Launchers:

Next up, you'll need two launchers, as Beyblade battles are all about challenging opponents. If you opt for a single stadium, it's important to have two launchers for an engaging gameplay experience. The starter set options include BX 01 Dran Sword, BX 02 Hell scythe, BX 03 Wizard Arrow, and BX 04 Knight Shield, representing attack, balance, stamina, and defense types respectively. If color variation isn't a priority, I recommend picking up Dran Sword and Hell scythe. Additionally, you can consider purchasing BX 05 and BX 06 separately, as they don't come with a launcher. They are available in the same colors as the previously mentioned sets. However, if you prefer the traditional colors, BX 03 and BX 04 are the ones to choose. It's worth noting that the BX 07 Dash Set mentioned earlier includes BX 03 and BX 04, but it doesn't come with a second launcher, which means you'll have only one launcher for gameplay.

bx 07 set

Completing Your Collection:

To ensure you have all the available parts and complete your Beyblade X collection, you can consider the BX 03 Three Deck Set. This set includes the three remaining bays you haven't acquired yet and provides you with comprehensive access to all available parts. However, please note that it doesn't include a second launcher, so you'll still have only one launcher at your disposal.

Enhancing Your Gameplay Experience:

If you've obtained two starter sets and want to make it easier to hold onto the launchers, you can also consider purchasing two BX 11 Launcher Grips. These grips provide a more comfortable grip and improve your control during battles. However, if you're purchasing Beyblades for younger children, the standard launcher will suffice, as it offers ease of use and functionality.


Hopefully this comprehensive guide has helped you determine which Beyblade X products you should purchase to embark on your new generation journey. Whether you're aiming for competitive play or simply seeking an enjoyable experience with your little ones, these carefully selected products will equip you with everything you need to dive into the world of Beyblade X.

Get ready to launch, battle, and let the Beyblade X excitement begin!

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