Unleash the Power of Hells Hammer UX-02 Review

Unleash the Power of Hell's Hammer - A Comprehensive Review of the UX-02 Beyblade

In the dynamic world of Beyblade battles, innovation is the key to success. To mention one of the latest inventions in the Beyblade community that created buzz is the UX-02 Hells Hammer 3-70H. This balance-type Beyblade is Crafted by the renowned creator Multi Nana-iro. The mix of balance and attack in this Bayblade will undoubtedly give the players a thrilling experience. In this all-encompassing review, we delve into the specs, performance, and overall feeling of the UX-02 Hells Hammer.

Product Information:

Product Code: UX-02

Type: Balance

Spin Direction: Right-Spin

System: Unique Line

Series: Beyblade X

UX-02 Hells Hammer Starter Set

Parts Overview:

Blade - Hells Hammer: 

Depicted as a Balance Type Blade with a right-spin orientation, Hells Hammer has three "Smash Blades" as contact points. It is a three-bladed design that resembles the Valkyrie's distinguishable shape. The Gear Chip manifests a burning skull design which is a sign of Grim Reaper. Despite being a Type Balance, Hells Hammer exhibits an aggressively designed Attack Type Blade. 

As part of the Unique Line UX series, Hells Hammer has resin Launcher Hooks instead of metal ones. This enables good Outward Weight Distribution (OWD). It features a Unique Line gimmick: the three-sided shape and aggressive design of the "Smash Blades" create high amounts of Smash Attack and Force Smash (downward Smash Attack).

Ratchet - 3-70: 

The 3-70 Ratchet features 3 identical protrusions at a 7.0-millimeter height. Lying in the range of 60-80 cm, it gives the feeling of being at the right height to fully enjoy any competitive matches. Although not revolutionary, having one will still add depth to the customization options of Bladers on the same strategy as the situation requires.

Bit - Hexa:

Hexa or H is a Balanced Bit Type that is equipped with a hexagonal tip precising the point of contact to require a sharp point. The body design of Hexa is equipped with an up-right that enables it to maintain a proper spin. The purpose of the Hexa Bit is to connect well with the Hells Hammer Blade in order to perform combined Force Smash attacks. 

UX-02 Hells Hammer Set

Anime/Manga Influence:

Owner: The energy disc referred to as UX-02 Hells Hammer is used by Robin Kazami, which brings greater depth to this item's lore and the world of Beyblade as a whole.

Creator: Multi Nana-iro exclusively displays their incredible creative capability and catchy tagline in the artistic design and practical usability of the UX-02, becoming well-known as the mastermind behind the innovative technology of Beyblade.

Special Moves:

Hammer Smash: The Hells Hammer’s UX-02 model is equipped with its signature move - the Hammer Smash, which treats the opponent with tremendous devastation from the hammer’s downward movement and attack capabilities.

Performance Analysis:

The UX-02 Hells Hammer achieves a good performance overall and the balanced designation is definitely the right choice. Its unique blade design, matched with an approach to the tactical use of the 3-70 ratchet together with the Hexa bit, offers the required flexibility in the combat zone. Either a brutal downward smash or a quick maneuver, this Beyblade is really good at adapting even in unexpected situations; hence, making it a worthy rival in competitive play.

UX-02 Hells Hammer


In sum, the UX-02 Hells Hammer displays the inventiveness and skillmanship associated with the Beyblade series. Its unique design, exciting special moves, and outstanding performance make it stand out among the best Beyblades ever. Whether you're an experienced blader looking for a new challenge or just a beginner marking his territory, the UX-02 Hells Hammer is set to create a tempest of pleasure and intensity on the Beyblade battleground.

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