Pre-Order Toys with No Stress| Mall of Toys Pre-Order Process Explained


Are you excited to get your hands on the hottest new toy before anyone else? Do you love being the first kid on the block to have the it item? Then you’ll love our new pre-order program at Mall of Toys! Pre-ordering with us ensures you’ll snag your favorite item before it hits the shelves and sells out. Read on below for everything you need to know about how our pre-order process works!Mall of toys pre order banner

 What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order allows you to reserve an item before it’s released and available for purchase. You can place your order in advance and we’ll set aside your must-have toy when our shipment comes in. That way you don’t have to stress about it selling out right away or stand in super long lines on release day. Pre-ordering is easy – just visit our website anytime before the official release date to secure your toy!

Why Pre-Order?

There’s nothing worse than when a new toy comes out and it’s impossible to find because everywhere sold out so fast. Pre-ordering eliminates that disappointment because we’ll make sure to have your item ready and waiting for you when it's time. No need to obsessively check inventory or call around to 20 different stores hoping you get lucky. And you definitely don’t want to pay crazy marked up prices from resellers trying to take advantage of low stock situations either.

Pre-ordering also lets you budget in advance rather than scrambling to purchase on release day. You’ll lock in our regular retail pricing by ordering early. Plus, for many pre-orders we’ll offer exclusive bonuses like limited discounts or freebies you can only get by purchasing ahead of time. When the boxes arrive, we’ll be busy getting shipments ready for all the kiddos patiently awaiting their new toy so pre-ordering streamlines distribution on our end as well. It’s just an all-around win-win for customers and for Mall of Toys!

How Our Pre-Order Process Works

Placing your pre-order at Mall of Toys is super straight-forward. Simply decide which exciting new release you want to reserve by following easy method:

Browse upcoming products on our website and click the “Pre-Order now” button

Provide payment details to complete reservation. Receive confirmation email within 24 hours about your order status 

Pre-Order Timeframes + Availability

Wondering when you can expect to receive your pre-ordered goods? Our target delivery window depends on manufacturer release schedules, production timeframes, and a variety of other moving pieces. As an estimate, plan for your item to ship out 2-4 weeks following the initial pre-order date.

We’ll continually update all product pages with the latest availability details so you know exactly when your faves are expected to land at our warehouses. Be sure to bookmark items you’re interested in pre-ordering to check back periodically for inventory changes.

New pre-order slots open according to supplier projections of how much inventory they’ll provide and when. These allotments sell out extremely fast as other eager customers snap them up. So if something displays as “Out of Stock” one day, try again later because surprise restocks do happen occasionally!

Processing + Shipping

You’ve pre-ordered your most coveted new toy release. The waiting game begins. Now what? Rest assured our team handles all the heavy lifting to securely process your order and pave the way for prompt delivery. Behind the scenes, we submit your payment info to authorize and validate the transaction right after you pre-order. Expect to see an authorization hold on your credit card or banking statement – this is simply a temporary confirmation that the funds are available.

Actual collection of payment occurs only once your item ships out. At that time we also send an updated confirmation email with tracking information so you can follow the progress. Our shipping partners then whisk your package off on the final leg of its journey to your doorstep!

Standard ground shipping takes 5-7 business days within the continental US once the package leaves our warehouse. Add 2-3 extra days for expedited delivery upgrades. Unfortunately we don’t have control over travel conditions that might delay postal routes like inclement weather or higher than normal order volumes swamping carriers.

For pre-orders specifically, international friends outside the US should prepare for longer transit depending on customs processes in your country which can tack on 1-2 weeks in some cases. But rest assured we’ll hustle every order along as quickly as possible!

Order Changes, Cancellations + Refunds

Oops, you suddenly regret pre-ordering that lava lamp for your room makeover? No problem, we understand purchase remorse can strike anytime. Take advantage of our worry-free cancellation policy:

Pre-Orders: Contact to our customer support before we start preparing your shipment and simply ask them to cancel your order.

Hopefully you still enjoy it though!

For other order changes or updating personal info, reach out ASAP so we can assist or advise if alterations are still possible.

Pre-Order Perks

Along with the exclusive chance to secure new releases ahead of the pack, pre-ordering with Mall of Toys also scores you special benefits and add-ons not offered to regular purchasers. Read on for some of our favorite preorder perks to take advantage of!

Ready, Set, Pre-Order!

We hope this overview clearly explains all aspects of how pre-ordering with Mall of Toys operates start to finish. Now that you know what an exciting and rewarding process it can be, go grab those new anticipated releases before everyone else!

Have more questions? Our customer service representatives would be delighted to discuss the program further or assist locking in your next preorder. Otherwise, feel free to browse upcoming inventory on the website and pounce when coveted items become available with the “Pre-Order” tag displayed.

Happy pre-ordering! As always, thank you for choosing Mall of Toys as your trusted destination for the latest and greatest toy releases. We can’t wait for you to be the first kid at school with our next viral sensation!


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