Mastering the BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T Beyblade Starter Set

 The Beyblade X (BX) series brings a bold new generation of Beyblade designs and competitive performance. One of the standouts from this series is the BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T starter set. This balance-type Beyblade packs an impressive combo of attack power, defense, and stamina for dominance in the Beystadium. 

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore everything that makes Hellsscythe 4-60T an elite Beyblade worth adding to any Blader’s collection. From its stats and parts breakdown to battling strategies and tips, this is the ultimate guide to mastering the Hellsscythe 4-60T starter set.

BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T Beyblade X Starter

An Introduction to the Hellsscythe 4-60T Beyblade

The Hellsscythe 4-60T starter set was released in 2022 as part of the new Beyblade X line. It comes with the Hellsscythe 4 Beyblade itself along with a right/left spin launcher and practice Beystadium. Here are some of the key features that make Hellsscythe 4-60T stand out:

- Balance-Type Beyblade

- Dual Spin Capabilities

- Powerful Layer Weight Discs

- 60T Performance Tip

 As a balance-type Bey, Hellsscythe 4-60T is designed for both offensive and defensive battling. The ability to switch between left and right spin adds versatility and unpredictability. Overall, the parts in this set combine to create a Beyblade equally adept at attacking, defending, and outlasting opponents.

Stats and Performance Ratings

Now let’s take a closer look at the performance ratings that make Hellsscythe 4-60T such a competitive threat in the arena:

- Attack: 4/5

- Defense: 3/5 

- Stamina: 4/5

- Burst Resistance: 5/5

- Weight: 48 grams

The mid-range attack rating gives Hellsscythe 4-60T enough power to deal damage, while defense and stamina provide endurance. The outstanding burst resistance of 5/5 makes Hellsscythe 4 incredibly hard to defeat by bursts.

These well-balanced performance stats allow Hellsscythe 4-60T to match up effectively against Beyblades of any type. It can stand toe-to-toe with hard attackers while also able to outlast defensive and stamina types in long battles.

BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T

 Parts List and Descriptions

 The Hellsscythe 4-60T starter set contains the following Beyblade parts:

Layer - Hell Salamander 4:

 This Balance-type Layer has strong teeth and walls for burst protection. The Layer Weight discs provide attack power and smash resistance. 

Forge Disc - 60:

 A 60 has great weight distribution for stability. The 8 blades give mobility and absorb shock.

Disc Frame - Cross:

The Cross Disc Frame improves mobility and increases weight for hits.

Performance Tip - Tower (60T):

60T has excellent balance and speed with its tall height. The wide surface provides grip and defense.

 Overall, these parts combine to make a Beyblade that excels in every area - attack power, defense, stamina, and burst protection. Hellsscythe 4-60T truly earns its reputation as a 4-in-1 balance type threat.

BX-02 Hellsscythe  SET

 Choosing the Right Spin Direction

 One of the coolest features of Hellsscythe 4-60T is the ability to switch between left and right spin. Here is some guidance on choosing spin direction:

 Right Spin:

- More powerful hits

- Faster movement

- Good for attack combos

- Use against Left Spin opponents

 Left Spin:

- Improved balance and control

- Change up angles and curves 

- Avoid Right Spin Beyblades

- More unpredictable movements

In general, Right Spin maximizes power and speed. But Left Spin brings versatility and makes movements less predictable. Shift between the two spin directions during battles to keep opponents off guard.

Recommended Customization Combos

 The parts included with Hellsscythe 4-60T provide great performance right out of the box. But the fun of Beyblade is customizing combos to match your personal battling style. Here are some recommended parts for creating customized Hellsscythe builds:

- Hell Salamander 4 Layer

- Around Disc/Frame OR Nexus+S Disc 

- Destroy’/Quick’/Zone+Z Drivers

- Forge Disc - 7 or 0

- Bullet/Meteor Driver Tips

 These combos focus on increasing attack power, burst resistance, stamina, and same/opposite spin abilities. Mix and match Hellsscythe with parts from other Beyblade X and Burst series to create the ultimate custom build. 

Launching and Battling Strategies

 Now let’s look at some launching and battling tactics to dominate the Beystadium with Hellsscythe 4-60T:

- Use the Ripcord Launcher for speed and power

- Switch spin direction mid-battle to confuse opponents

- Bank off slopes to strike from angles  

- Push to the center with stamina types; avoid edges

- Burst training improves longevity under attacks

- Pair with lightweight discs for speed and mobility

- Practice controlled launches for better aim

- Learn opponent's movement patterns and weaknesses

- Defense wins - don't rush attacks against defensives 

- Use same-spin defenses to deflect attacks 

Combining launches, angles, custom combos, and smart tactics will make Hellsscythe 4-60T hard to beat. This Beyblade has the versatility to adapt on the fly using both defense and counterattacks.

 Review of the Hellsscythe 4-60T Starter Set 

To summarize, here are the key positives and potential negatives of the Hellsscythe 4-60T starter set:


- Strong balance-type performance

- Burst-resistant parts stay in the fight

- Dual-spin launching improves versatility

- Great for customization possibilities  

- Strong competitive value for the price

- Awesome phoenix and samurai aesthetics

Potential Negatives:

- Not the fastest Beyblade

- Can struggle against dedicated attackers

- Launcher quality could be improved 

- No slope on Beystadium to practice angles

Overall, the excellent balance of attack, defense, and stamina makes Hellsscythe 4-60T one of the top Beyblades from the Beyblade X series. The 4-60T starter set provides great value by giving you everything needed to start battling and customizing. 

BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T Beyblade X Starter | Beyblade X

Wrapping Up

The BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T starter set brings an elite balance type Beyblade to the Beystadium. With its dual spin abilities, burst-resistant parts, and balance of power, defense, and stamina, Hellsscythe has all the tools to conquer any opponent and battlefield situation. Add this fierce Beyblade to your collection and get ready to rule the competition!

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