The Beyblade Powerhouse BX-20 Deck Set | Review

Reviewing The Beyblade Powerhouse BX-20 Deck Set

Beyblade enthusiasts, are you ready to elevate your battles to the next level? The BX-20 Deck Set is here to quench your thirst for intense Beyblade action! This fantastic set includes three exceptional Beyblades from Beyblade-X series - Dran Dagger 4-60R, Knight Shield 5-80T, and Shark Edge 3-80F. In this blog post, we'll delve deep into each of these spinning tops, exploring their unique features and why they're the perfect additions to your Beyblade collection.

BX_20 Dran Dagger Deck Set

1. Dran Dagger 4-60R:

Dran Dagger is the first contender in this BX-20 Deck Set. Dran Dagger's strength lies in its Attack type, making it a formidable choice for aggressive and dynamic battles. The Forge Disc 4 enhances its stability and durability, while the Performance Tip 60R provides extra speed and balance, allowing it to unleash powerful attacks while maintaining control. Dran Dagger is the ideal choice for those who prefer to take the offense and dominate the Beyblade arena.


Name: Dran Dagger 4-60R

Type: Attack

Energy Layer: Dran Dagger

Forge Disc: 4

Performance Tip: 60R

Bit: Rush

Dran Dagger 4-60R

Energy Layer - Dran Dagger:

Dran Dagger's Energy Layer, which is the top part of the Beyblade, is designed for aggressive, attack-oriented battles. It features a striking design with sharp contact points, allowing it to deal devastating blows to opponents. The unique shape of Dran Dagger is optimized for collision and impact, making it a powerful choice for taking down defensive and stamina-focused opponents.

Forge Disc - 4:

The Forge Disc, numbered 4, plays a crucial role in the Beyblade's stability and weight distribution. In the case of Dran Dagger, the Forge Disc 4 contributes to its stability, ensuring that it remains firmly planted on the battlefield during high-speed clashes. This stability not only allows for more controlled attacks but also adds an element of resilience, making it more difficult for opponents to knock Dran Dagger off balance.

Performance Tip - 60R:

 The Performance Tip, 60R, is an essential part of Dran Dagger's offensive strategy. This tip enhances both speed and balance, enabling the Beyblade to maintain control while delivering blistering attacks. The "60R" tip is renowned for its responsiveness and aggressive movement, allowing Dran Dagger to charge into battle with relentless force. This makes it a formidable adversary for opponents who can't withstand its rapid strikes.

In summary, Dran Dagger 4-60R is a high-impact, Attack-type Beyblade that thrives on aggressive battles. Its Energy Layer, Forge Disc, and Performance Tip are all carefully chosen to maximize its striking power and control. With Dran Dagger in your Beyblade collection, you'll be well-equipped to dominate the arena and outmaneuver your rivals with its rapid, powerful attacks. Get ready to launch Dran Dagger and let it unleash its fury on the battlefield!

2. Knight Shield 5-80T:

The second Beyblade in the BX-20 Deck Set is the mighty Knight Shield 5-80T.  Knight Shield is classified as a Defense type Beyblade, excelling in withstanding fierce opponents. Its Forge Disc 5 grants it added weight and stability, while the Performance Tip 80T ensures superior defense and stamina. Knight Shield is your guardian in the battlefield, providing excellent protection against offensive rivals, making it a strategic choice for your Beyblade arsenal.


Name: Knight Shield 5-80T

Type: Defense

Energy Layer: Knight Shield

Forge Disc: 5

Performance Tip: 80T

Bit: Taper

Knight Shield 5-80T

Energy Layer - Knight Shield:

The Energy Layer, Knight Shield, is tailor-made for a defensive strategy in the world of Beyblade battles. Its design features strong and sturdy armor-like attributes, ideal for withstanding incoming attacks from aggressive opponents. The Knight Shield's robust build acts as a protective barrier, making it a challenging target to crack and providing excellent resilience against offensive foes.

Forge Disc - 5:

The Forge Disc, numbered 5, plays a critical role in providing weight and balance to the Beyblade. In the case of Knight Shield, Forge Disc 5 adds the necessary mass for enhanced stability, allowing the Beyblade to withstand powerful blows without losing its grip on the battlefield. This increased weight distribution serves to maintain a strong defensive posture throughout battles.

Performance Tip - 80T:

The Performance Tip, designated as 80T, is the key to Knight Shield's defensive prowess. With an emphasis on defense and stamina, this tip is expertly designed for maintaining control and resilience. The "80T" tip's unique shape and material composition reduce friction and enhance the Beyblade's ability to endure extended battles, outlasting opponents that rely on offensive tactics.

In summary, Knight Shield 5-80T is a top-tier Defense-type Beyblade that specializes in outlasting and protecting against aggressive opponents. Its Energy Layer, Forge Disc, and Performance Tip combine to create an impenetrable defense, making it a formidable choice for those who favor strategic, defensive battles. With Knight Shield in your arsenal, you can hold your ground in the stadium and thwart even the most determined attackers, ensuring your path to Beyblade victory. Get ready to unleash the protective power of Knight Shield 5-80T on your challengers!

3. Shark Edge 3-80F:

The third and final Beyblade in the BX-20 Deck Set is Shark Edge 3-80F, designed to deliver a unique and thrilling Beyblade experience. Shark Edge falls under the Stamina category, making it a Beyblade built for the long haul. Its Forge Disc 3 contributes to balance and stamina, while the Performance Tip 80F grants excellent endurance, ensuring that Shark Edge can outlast its rivals in prolonged battles. If you prefer to outspin your opponents with grace and precision, Shark Edge is the Beyblade for you.


Name: Shark Edge 3-80F

Type: Stamina

Energy Layer: Shark Edge

Forge Disc: 3

Performance Tip: 80F

Bit: Flat

 Shark Edge 3-80F

Energy Layer - Shark Edge:

Shark Edge's Energy Layer is designed with an emphasis on stamina. The layer's design typically incorporates efficient weight distribution and shape to optimize spin duration. The "Shark Edge" is aptly named, featuring a unique and streamlined design, which minimizes air resistance and promotes a smooth, sustained spin. This design choice makes Shark Edge an excellent choice for outlasting opponents in long, drawn-out battles.

Forge Disc - 3:

The Forge Disc, bearing the number 3, plays a critical role in Beyblade stamina and balance. For Shark Edge, Forge Disc 3 contributes to the Beyblade's balance, ensuring that it remains steady and maintains its spin during extended battles. This Forge Disc's weight distribution allows Shark Edge to achieve a harmonious balance, which is essential for stamina-type Beyblades.

Performance Tip - 80F:

The Performance Tip, labeled as 80F, is the key component responsible for Shark Edge's incredible stamina capabilities. This tip is designed for maximum endurance, allowing the Beyblade to spin for extended periods without losing speed or balance. The "80F" tip's rounded shape minimizes friction with the stadium floor, helping the Beyblade maintain its spin and outlast its rivals.

In summary, Shark Edge 3-80F is a top-tier Stamina-type Beyblade that excels at spin endurance and longevity in battles. Its Energy Layer, Forge Disc, and Performance Tip work in harmony to provide incredible stamina and keep the Beyblade spinning for prolonged periods. With Shark Edge in your collection, you can confidently take on opponents in battles of attrition, secure in the knowledge that it will outlast and outspin its rivals. Get ready to unleash the unstoppable stamina of Shark Edge 3-80F and watch it conquer the Beyblade arena with grace and endurance!


The BX-20 Beyblade Deck Set brings together three extraordinary Beyblades: Dran Dagger 4-60R, Knight Shield 5-80T, and Shark Edge 3-80F. Each Beyblade boasts a unique set of attributes, making them ideal for different battle strategies. Whether you're an aggressive attacker, a master of defense, or a stamina connoisseur, this set has you covered. These Beyblades are your ticket to endless excitement in the world of Beyblade battles. Add them to your collection and unlock new strategies and thrilling battles. With Dran Dagger, Knight Shield, and Shark Edge, you're poised to dominate the Beyblade arena and claim victory! So, gear up and let the battles begin with the BX-20 Beyblade Deck Set!

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