Unleashing Power: UX-01 Dran Buster 1-60A Beyblade Review

The Beyblade line's history has always been about the latest innovations the newest releases never fail to stand out. This time around, the Dran Buster-UX01 is not falling behind. Among the others Beyblade X  series models, the Dran Buster offers a new technique with its own unique specification and performing expectations. This review covers all the intricacies of this Beyblade- the new one that everyone is so excited about.

UX-01 DranBuster Starter set


The Dran Buster is the first starter Beyblade in UX series. It is the beginning of a new story where Beyblades reached the next level of evolution. Created for attack method providing a lot of force that in its turn does its function with formidable shape that is dynamic. With its right-spin direction and a weight of 45.1 grams, the Dran Buster is primed for intense clashes and powerful strikes. Belonging to Jaxon Cross and brought to life by the illustrious Multi Nana-iro. Dran Buster makes its first appearance in the manga series "Beyblade X" in Chapter 09.

Product Information:

Product Code: UX-01 (Starter)

Type: Attack

Spin Direction: Right-Spin

Weight: 45.1 grams

System: Unique Line

Series: Beyblade X

UX-01 Dran Buster


Blade - Dran Buster:  

At the core of the iconic Dran Buster is its dominating sword-like blade which is known for its sharpness and grip. Its blade does not only produce a visual element of beauty but also offers up the functionality of warzones as well. Drawing on the imagined traditions and symbolism of Excalibur, it is true that the image of the Dran Buster projects power, strength and the awe that would have been felt gazing in the face of one of these sacred swords.

Ratchet - 1-60: 

One of the biggest factors in a Beyblade's performance is the 1-60 ratchet.  The 160 ratchet on the UX-01 Dran Buster Beyblade is a common ratchet design, it is 60 tall. Through a single spoke, it is referred to the sword style of the Dran Buster which is very similar to celebrated Buster Excalibur. Although its competitive performance is yet to be verified, the design contributes to the thematic and aesthetic aspect of the Beyblade.

Bit - Accel: 

The Bit Accel mounted on the Beyblade X UX-01 Dran Buster is similar to Dran Sword's flat Bit from Beyblade X, with a small difference. At the same time, Accel provides 16 gears instead of the standard 12 or 8, which means improvement in the speed and better grip. Even though Gear Flat and Rush share many identical points, the enhanced gear system stands out with a new dimension of performance.

DranBuster UX-01


Regarding the performance, the Dran Buster is in line with its reputation of being belong to the Attack-type Beyblade. Speed, strength, and accuracy of this weapon make it the most powerful enemy on the arena. The angry shape of the Dran Buster Blade grants it the ability to unleash spectacular smash attacks, whose sheer force is able to stun the most hardened opponents. In the same way, the 1-60 ratchet improves stability and provides control for the bladers so that they can perform their combos diligently. Accel feature for speed and agility, the Dran Buster winning fast battles and battles with energy that is high.


The Dran Buster is designed in a way that both looks great and works perfectly. The raper of the blade being in sword-like shape is not only aesthetically appealing but also serves a practical purpose by improving the attacking abilities. The color scheme, featuring bright colors and delicate designs, is actually another beautiful part of the Beyblade. The robust appearance of the Dran Buster is not only emphasized by its streamlined shape, but it also comes with precisely assembled components.


The beyblade equipped with an overhand attack style, accurate control, and impressive design, it offers a thrilling experience in the Beyblade stadium. Whether you're a well-rehearsed blading veteran or a newbie to the game, the Dran Buster will definitely leave you thrilled with a rush of adrenaline and challenging fights. Be ready so your Dran Buster, from Beyblade X UX Series, will be set free and you will be the king of the arena like it has never been before

Gear up, bladers, and let the battle begin!

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May 02, 2024
Seth huff

this is one of the best x beyblades

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