Spinning into Joy: Why Beyblade X is a Must-Have for Beybladers!

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The Beyblade X series brings a bold new lineup of Beyblade burst tops, launchers, stadiums, and more. Innovative new tops like Dransword 3-60 Flat and Hellsscythe 4-60T feature exciting designs to take your battles to the next level. And with epic new Beystadiums like the BX-10 Xtreme Stadium, you’ll be battling it out in style.

Beyblade X for Beybladders

Discover the Excitement of Beyblade X 2024 - The New Series from Takara Tomy

In the world of Beyblade, a new era of competition and innovation has arrived.  Takara Tomy brings you Beyblade-X a fourth generation of Beyblade that represents the pinnacle of authentic Japanese Beyblade engineering and quality - setting the stage for the ultimate Beyblade experience.

Takara Tomy pulls out all the stops for the 4th generation of Beyblade burst tops. Bold new designs, exciting new features, and enhanced performance allow bladers to battle like never before. The Beyblade X series brings the intensity of the iconic anime battles to real life!

What's Inside the Beyblade X Series?

In 2023, Takara Tomy introduced a collection | Beyblade-X that goes beyond the ordinary. The fourth generation of Beyblade brings forth an assortment of Beyblades, each with its unique features. 

The Beyblade X series offers a comprehensive and thrilling experience for enthusiasts, delivering much more than just a toy. Inside this fourth-generation marvel, you'll discover an array of exciting components that redefine the Beyblade battles.

BX-00 TAKARA TOMY Dranzer Spiral 3-80 Beyblade X Booster

BX-1 Dransword 3-60 Flat

BX-2 Hellsscythe 4-60T

BX-3 Wizardarrow 4-80B

BX-4 Knightshield 3-80N Starter Set

BX-5 Wizardarrow 4-80 Ball

BX-6 Knight Shield Booster

BX-7 Start Dash Set w/ Stadium

BX-8 3on3 Deck Battle Set

BX-09 Beybattle Pass

BX-10 Xtreme stadium     

BX-11 Beyblade X Launcher Grip

BX-12  TAKARA TOMY Beyblade X '3on3 Deck Case'

BX-13 Knightlance 4-80HN Booster

BX-14 Random Booster Volume 1 Shark Edge

BX-15 Starter Set Leon Claw 5-60p

BX-16 Viper Tail Select [Random Booster] Vol 2

BX-17 Battle Entry Set

BX-18 Black String Launcher

BX-19 Rhino Horn 3-80S

BX-20 Dran Dagger Deck Set A

BX-21 Hells Chain Deck Set

BX-22 Entry Set

BX-23 Phoenix Wing Starter Set

BX-24 Random Booster

BX-25 Soft Case 

BXH-08 Red Xtreme Stadium (Limited Edition)

Bx-26 Booster Unicorn Sting

BX-27 Sphinx Cowl

Compete in Style - Beyblade X Series Highlights

The Beyblade-X series is more than a toy; it's a cultural phenomenon. Compete in battles that go beyond the stadium, as Beyblade X brings a world of adventure. Whether you're a seasoned blader or just starting, Beyblade-X offers a unique toy experience that transcends generations.

Why Beyblade-X?

  •   Authentic Japanese Craftsmanship:

Crafted by Takara Tomy, the Beyblade X series represents the pinnacle of Japanese toy engineering.

  •   Global Fandom:

 Join a community of passionate bladers from around the world. Beyblade-X isn't just a toy; it's a shared experience.

  •   Innovation Beyond Limits:

This innovative Takara Tomy product introduces a new era of Beyblade battles. Select your Beyblade, secure your stadium, and let the battles begin.

Beyblade X: Where Fandom and Toy Innovation Collide 

Beyblade-X is not just about battles; it's a journey into the heart of a global franchise. Dive into the world of the Beyblade anime, explore the fourth generation, and find your favorite among the unique Beyblades.

Beyblade X Tops - Take Your Battles to the Next Level

The heart of any Beyblade release is the awesome, high-performance Beyblade burst tops. Beyblade X debuts incredible new designs to take your battles to the next level.

Dran sword 3-60f (BX-1)   

An attack-type top ready to deliver crushing blows. The fusion between Dranzer and the sword generates pure power.

Hells scythe 4-60T (BX-2) 

This balance-type scythe top brings a sinister-looking design to the Beystadium. Prepare for a spin like no other.

Wizardarrow 4-80B (BX-3) 

An endurance-type Beyblade built for intense, drawn-out battles. The bow and arrow design is ready to hit the target.

Viper Tail (BX-16) 

Part of the Vol. 2 Random Booster release. This venomous attack-type serpent top looks ready to strike.

And many more! Beyblade X brings a bold lineup of Bey tops to add to your collection and carry you to victory.

Beyblade X Launchers - Locked and Loaded

You need an awesome launcher to get your Beyblade burst top spinning at max speed. Beyblade X brings key new launchers so you can rip into battle with confidence.

BX-11 Beyblade X Launcher Grip 

Compatible with the Takara Tomy digital sword launcher, this grip accessory provides enhanced control.

BX-18 Black String Launcher 

A basic launcher ideal for new bladers and an extra launch option for your battles.

Stay tuned for more Beyblade X launchers as the series continues!

Beyblade X Beystadiums - Where Battles Become Legendary

The Beystadium is where Beyblade competitors separate the blader from the best. Beyblade X introduces stadiums designed for intense, action-packed battles.

BX-10 Xtreme Stadium

A standard stadium optimized for Beyblade X tops. The open design allows for fierce clashes as the action heats up.

BX-7 Start Dash Set Stadium

The perfect Beystadium for new bladers getting started on their Beyblade journey. Learn the basics here.

Beyblade X also offers the BX-8 3on3 Deck Battle Set, bringing an all-new way to battle. Stack the decks in your favor and unleash your strategy.

Beyblade X Beybattle Pass (BX-09) - Join the Global Competition

Live out your Beyblade battles just like the anime with the Beyblade X Beybattle Pass. This virtual passcode unlocks access to the global online Beyblade portal where you can face off against bladers from around the world. Claim daily rewards and climb the leaderboards - the competition never ends!

The Beyblade X Beybattle Pass also unlocks access to QR codes on Beyblade X products that boost your online battler profile. Collect points and badges to show your dedication to the global WBBA (World Beyblade Battle Association).

Beyblade X Complete Sets - Gear Up for Battle

Beyblade X offers complete sets so new bladers can dive right into the action. These sets are also great for seasoned fans to grow their collections.

BX-4 Knight Shield 3-80N Starter Set

An endurance-type top paired with a right/left-spin launcher and practice Beystadium. Perfect for first-time bladers.

BX-7 Start Dash Set

A starter set similar to Knightshield, but also includes the Xtreme Beystadium for advanced play.

BX-8 3on3 Deck Battle Set

A new way to battle with three customized decks packed with tops. Stack your decks and let the strategies unfold.

BX-17 Battle Entry Set 

Another starter set is due out in October 2023. Details coming soon! 

BX-14 Battle Entry Set

Another starter set launched in September 2023.  Each individual booster will contain 1 of the following BeybladesBX-14 01: Shark Edge 3-60LF,  BX-14 02: Shark Edge 4-80N, BX-14 03: Dran Sword 3-80B, BX-14 04: Hells Scythe 4-80LF, BX-14 05: Knight Shield 4-60LF, BX-14 06: Wizard Arrow 3-60T

BX-10 Xtreme Stadium

Battle it out in style with the official Beyblade X Beystadium. Designed for intense collisions and ricochet angles. The perfect battlefield for your new tops!

BX-11 Beyblade X Launcher Grip

Get a competition-ready edge with this grip accessory for the Takara Tomy digital sword launcher. Maximize control as you rip into battle.

BX-01 Dransword 3-60 Flat

This ferocious attack-type top brings power. Dranzer and sword combine forces for battle-ending impacts. Dominate with Dransword!

BX-3 Wizardarrow 4-80B

An elusive endurance-type Beyblade ready for extended, strategic battles. The bow and arrow design is built for precision.

BX-7 Start Dash Set

The complete starter set for new bladers! Comes with the Knightshield top, two launchers, a stadium, a rule book, and accessories. All you need to get started!

BX-16 Viper Tail

Part of the Random Booster Vol. 2 release. This menacing attack-type snake top looks ready to lunge. Collect before it’s gone!

BX-9 Beybattle Pass

Your pass to the global WBBA portal for online battles, rewards, tournaments, and more. Take your skills worldwide!

These represent just a fraction of the amazing new Beyblade X lineup. Browse all the latest selections at Mall of Toys to explore this revolutionary series.

 Beyblade X Energy Layers and Forge Discs - Customize Your Tops

Part of the fun of Beyblade is customizing your own unique tops. Beyblade X lets you swap out energy layers and forge discs to create custom combos.

For example, you can take the Dransword 3 energy layer and combine it with the 4-80 forge disc from Wizardarrow. Mix and match components for the ultimate combinations!

Energy layers:

Dran sword

Hells scythe

Knight lance

Forge discs:

3-60 (Dransword)

4-60 (Hellsscythe)

4-80 (Wizardarrow)

3-80 (Knightshield)

And many more options to come. Get creative and design the ultimate championship custom, Bey!

The Epic Story Continues - Beyblade X Anime 

Like previous Beyblade generations, Beyblade X brings an accompanying anime series to expand the epic Beyblade story. While details are still limited, you can expect to see favorites like Valt Aoi while also being introduced to a new generation of Beyblade competitors.

The Beyblade anime will dive deeper into the mythos of the Beyblade world and tell the tales behind these fierce competitors. Why do they battle? What drives them to be the best? Their stories will unfold.

Gear Up for Glory at Mall of Toys - Authentic Beyblade X Retailer

Beyblade x order now

The Beyblade X revolution arrives in July 2023 and the excitement builds. Will you answer the call and join the battle?

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Discover What Makes Beyblade X the Pinnacle of Beyblade Evolution

Beyblade first launched in Japan in 1999 and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon - a classic toy brand that keeps evolving. As Takara Tomy prepares for the 4th generation with Beyblade X, now is the perfect time to explore what makes this new series the most innovative Beyblade ever.

At its core, Beyblade X takes the battling experience to new levels thanks to cutting-edge product development from Takara Tomy. As the original creator and manufacturer of Beyblade, Takara Tomy has its finger on the pulse of what fans want. The Beyblade X series shows their commitment to keep giving bladers the ultimate Bey experience.

Let's dive into the biggest innovations and highlights that make Beyblade X a must for both diehard fans and newcomers to the franchise:

Bold New Top Designs - Built for Battle

Beyblade X brings a sleek new look with dynamic, battle-ready designs. Tops like Dransword with its fusion of the iconic Dranzer top and a forged sword are built for intense attack battles. Meanwhile, Wizardarrow takes inspiration from archery for a top ready for precision and endurance.

These shapes and themes are integrated into the new energy layers and forge disc parts - bringing a bold new look while maintaining the powerful Takara Tomy performance. Battles are about to reach a whole new level!

Enhanced Customization - Your Creation, Your Champion

A hallmark of Beyblade is the ability to customize your tops. Beyblade X takes this creative fun to new heights with enhanced customization options. Swap energy layers and forge discs to design exactly the type of top you need to win.

With so many new parts to mix and match, the number of possible combinations is staggering. Will you create the ultimate attack, stamina, or defense type Bey? The choice is yours - make your champion!

Redesigned Xtreme Stadium - Where Battles Become Legendary

No Beyblade release would be complete without a stadium redesign built for intense, fast-paced battles. The Beyblade X Xtreme Stadium brings a bold new look with an open layout designed for maximum mid-air collisions and ricochet angles. Battles in this stadium are sure to go down in Beyblade history!

The stadium features the authentic Takara Tomy quality fans expect - crafted to withstand the abuse of fierce competition. And the stylish canyon-rock design provides an epic backdrop to showcase your skills. Let it rip!

New Ways to Battle - Adapt Your Strategy

In addition to standard battles, Beyblade X introduces all-new ways to test your skills and adapt your strategy. The 3on3 Deck Battle Set allows you to customize 3 decks with an array of tops and then Stack, Mix, and Match to outplay your opponent.

This opens up a whole new layer of advanced gameplay. Stack decks that cover attack, stamina, and defense types to be prepared for anything. Or double down on your best tops across all decks. How you utilize this 3on3 format could determine the difference between victory and defeat.

Global Online Battles - Where Fans Connect

Thanks to the Beyblade X Beybattle Pass, bladers can now battle anytime, anywhere via the official WBBA (World Beyblade Battle Association) app. Simply scan the QR codes found on your Beyblade X tops and other items to unlock rewards and features for your online battler profile.

The WBBA app allows you to compete in tournaments across the globe. Earn points, badges, and virtual trophies to climb the leaderboards. You can even find and challenge nearby bladers to an in-person battle and then share the results online. Beyblade has reached a whole new level!

Expanded Mythos - The Story Continues

The rich world of Beyblade centers around the compelling stories of determined bladers. Beyblade X will continue this legendary mythos with the upcoming new anime season. While details are still limited, you can expect to meet a new generation of heroes and villains.

The anime is set to explore the latest incarnation of the WBBA World Championships - as bladers with a competitive spirit use Beyblade to strive for greatness. Their journey mirrors the passion of fans worldwide.

Beyblade X - Innovation Beyond Limits

When Takara Tomy first introduced Beyblade over 20 years ago, no one could predict it would become a worldwide phenomenon spanning generations. But the Japanese toy maker has never been satisfied with just maintaining the status quo.

With each new saga, Beyblade continues to evolve and revolutionize battling tops. Beyblade X represents the culmination of those efforts - truly the most innovative generation yet!

Beyblade X 2024 Launches and the future of Beyblade battles begins. Will you answer the call? 

Beyblade X is here and the revolution has begun! The energy surrounding this new series release is palpable. All over the world, fans are eager to be the first to experience these amazing new Beyblade burst tops and battling gear.

The wait is over! As an authorized Beyblade retailer, Mall of Toys has the complete Beyblade X selection in stock and ready to ship. Take your pick from the latest Bey tops, launchers, stadiums, starters, and more – all authentic Takara Tomy quality.

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mall of toys go to place for all beybladers

The Power of Beyblade X Awaits

Takara Tomy has taken Beyblade to unprecedented heights with the new Beyblade X series. Now is your moment to claim your piece of Beyblade history!

Shop Beyblade X today at Mall of Toys and prepare for battles beyond imagination. Discover for yourself the innovation and quality that makes Beyblade a global sensation generation after generation.

Stay on top of the Beyblade revolution and explore Beyblade X to its fullest. Happy spinning!


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