Best combo for Beyblade X Collection

Hey, fellow Beyblade enthusiasts and collectors! Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of Beyblade X Collection? This is where the magic happens – a fantastic realm filled with collectible toys that will reignite your love for spinning battles. In this blog, we will dive into the Beyblade X Collection, explore the fantastic starter pack of four, and introduce you to some stellar products like the Dransword, Hellsscythe, Wizardarrow, and Knightshield. Get ready to embark on a journey to discover the best Beyblade spinning top combo in the Beyblade X Collection universe.

Beyblade X Starter pack

The Beyblade X Collection: A Collector's Dream

The Beyblade X Collection is a true marvel for collectors and fans of the spinning top battles. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these collectible toys are a testament to the rich history of Beyblade. As we explore the best combo for the Beyblade X Collection, let's closely examine what makes this collection exceptional.

Toy Category: Collectible Toys

Beyblade X Collection falls under the coveted category of collectible toys, appealing to both seasoned collectors and newcomers alike. Each spinning top is a work of art, with unique designs and performance capabilities that make them highly sought-after items for toy enthusiasts of all ages.

Toy Set: Pack of Four

What's more exciting than one Beyblade spinning top? Four Beyblade spinning tops bundled together! Mall of Toys offers the Beyblade X Collection toy set that includes Dransword, Hellsscythe, Wizardarrow, and Knightshield – each with its distinct attributes and abilities. This comprehensive starter pack is perfect for those who crave variety and versatility in their Beyblade battles.

Introducing the Stars of the Show

Now, let's meet the stars of the Beyblade X Collection – the incredible spinning tops that make battles electrifying and unpredictable.

BX-01 Dransword 3-60F

Dransword is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Beyblade. With its unique design and the power to deliver swift attacks, this spinning top is a favorite among bladers who prefer an aggressive playstyle. It's time to unleash Dransword and let it dominate the Beyblade arena.


Attack Type, Right Spin

System: Extreme Gear Sports

Series: Beyblade X

Blade: Dran Sword

Ratchet: 3-60

Bit: Flat

Launcher: Winder Launcher

BX-01 Darn Sword Beyblade

BX-02 Hellsscythe 4-60T

Hellsscythe is all about defense and stability. Its sturdy build and superior balance make it a formidable opponent in battles that require endurance. When you want to outlast your rivals, Hellsscythe is your top pick.


Balance Type, Right Spin

System: Extreme Gear Sports

Series: Beyblade X

Blade:Hells Scythe

Ratchet: 4-60

Bit: Taper

BX-02 Hellsscythe Beyblade

BX-03 Wizardarrow 4-80B

Wizardarrow is the epitome of precision and control. Its well-balanced design and superb maneuverability make it a top choice for bladers who rely on strategy and finesse to secure victory. When accuracy matters most, Wizardarrow is the answer.


Stamina Type, Right Spin

System: Extreme Gear Sports

Series: Beyblade X

Blade: Wizard Arrow

Ratchet: 4-80

Bit: Ball

BX-03 Wizardarrow Beyblade

BX-04 Knightshield 3-80N

Knightshield is the embodiment of both offense and defense. Its versatile design allows it to adapt to various battle situations, making it a versatile choice for bladers who like to keep their opponents guessing. Knightshield is the ultimate all-rounder.


Defense Type, Right Spin

System: Extreme Gear Sports

Series: Beyblade X

Blade: Knight Shield

Ratchet: 3-80

Bit: Needle

BX-04 Knightshield Beyblade

Toy Type: Beyblade Spinning Tops

At the core of the Beyblade X Collection are the Beyblade spinning tops. These precision-engineered marvels are designed for one purpose: to engage in epic battles that push bladers to their limits. With each spin, they unleash their unique powers and strategies, making every match a thrilling spectacle.

Compatibility: Compatible with Other Beyblade X Collection Products

One of the standout features of the Beyblade X Collection is its compatibility with other products in the Beyblade X collection. This means you can mix and match parts, layers, and tips to create your ultimate Beyblade combo. It's a world of endless customization and strategy waiting to be explored.


In the world of Beyblade X Collection, the quest for the ultimate combo is an adventure filled with excitement and discovery. Whether you're drawn to the fierce attacks of Dransword, the stalwart defense of Hellsscythe, the precision of Wizardarrow, or the versatility of Knightshield, there's a Beyblade spinning top waiting to become your champion.

So, bladers assemble your Beyblade X Collection, experiment with different combinations, and embark on thrilling battles that will test your skills and strategies. The best combo for the Beyblade X Collection is out there, waiting for you to find it. May your launches be powerful, your strategies be cunning, and your victories be legendary!

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