What is a Pre-order and when can i expect it?

Snag your favorite item before everyone else by placing a pre-order! We're doing our best to hustle those pre-orders to our USA warehouse pronto, but you know how it goes – life can throw a curveball. Customs, shipping carriers, and distributor hiccups might tweak the timeline a bit. So, even though we're shooting for the moon, the expected date isn't a 100% lock.
Give us a little wiggle room, about 2-5 days, for shipping time just in case. Now, if things get crazy and the shipping delay stretches beyond 4 days, we've got your back! Expect a heads-up through email or our social media. We're on a mission to make pre-orders a breeze, but hey, real life happens, and delays might tag along. Just know, we're working hard to keep it all as smooth as possible!

How long does it take for products to be delivered?

The time it takes to get your goodies depends on where you are and how you want them shipped. No worries, though – you can peek at the estimated delivery times when you're checking out. Now, if you're ordering something that's already in stock (you know, the items that don't scream "Pre-Order" in the title or description), we'll ship it out on the same business day if you place your order before 1 pm. Missed the morning rush? No biggie! It'll be on its way the next business day, but sorry, Sundays are our chill days.

What’s your return policy?

No stress if your toy isn't what you expected! You've got a sweet 15 days from when the package lands to decide. Just keep that retail box sealed up tight. Got a issue with your toy? Shoot us an email at support@malloftoys.com, and we'll swoop in to help sort it out!

Random Boosters, are they really random?

Random Boosters are the real deal when it comes to surprises! It's like a mystery box – you never know what awesome stuff you'll get because the contents are randomly picked from a cool range of options. It's all about that element of surprise!

I Herd you Open Random Boosters and sell them as random is that true?

Just wanna clear things up – we don't sell open boxes as random, no way! We caught wind of that Reddit post, and it seems like there might've been a little mix-up on our end. If there's any issue, promise it's not on purpose, and we're on it like lightning to make things right. If something's bugging you, give us a shout, report it, and we'll hustle to fix it up for you! 👍

Does Malloftoys sell Authentic Toys?

Absolutely! At Malloftoys, we're all about the real deal – authentic Transformers, legit TakaraTomy Beyblades, you name it! We're on a mission to hook you up with the good stuff, making sure you get the genuine toys for top-notch satisfaction and quality. 👌🚀

Where is Malloftoys Located?

Just so you know, Malloftoys calls Western Massachusetts home sweet home. We're chilling in the cozy town of Amherst, soaking up that small-town vibe.

Does Malloftoys ship internationally?

Yes! Malloftoys ships worldwide. The nitty-gritty on shipping costs and delivery times? Well, that depends on where you want the goodies delivered. Quick heads up, though – once your package is in the Customs zone, Malloftoys can't take the reins if there are any hiccups. 🌎✈

Does Malloftoys do Price match?

Shop without a worry! You're scoring the best deal in the USA at Malloftoys. We take pride in offering the lowest prices on Beyblades. If somehow we missed a beat, be a superhero and help us out. Shoot over a screenshot of the competing store and their price. If your order's already in, we'll not only refund the difference but toss in an extra 10% off. Yep, we're all about price matching. Just keep in mind, the competing store needs to be in the USA, and their price has to be lower than ours. Amazon and eBay are the cool kids exempt from this game. Hit up our customer service for all the deets on the price match magic. If you find a lower price, bring it on!