Beyblade X Companion App: Revolutionizing the Beyblade Experience

With the highly anticipated release of Beyblade X just around the corner, fans are buzzing with excitement. While much has been discussed about the bays, stadiums, and gimmicks, one aspect that deserves attention is the companion app that accompanies Beyblade X. This app takes the Beyblade experience to new heights, offering exciting features that bridge the physical and digital realms. In this article, we'll delve into the details of the Beyblade X companion app and explore its innovative functionalities.

The Beyblade X Battle Pass:

The Beyblade X companion app introduces the concept of the Battle Pass, a Bay logger-like accessory that connects to a launcher. This Battle Pass allows players to measure their launch speed and RPM, enhancing their gameplay experience. Unlike the Beyblade Burst app, which primarily functions as a mobile game, the Beyblade X app integrates physical launching with the digital realm, creating an immersive and unique experience for players.

BX 09 Battle Pass pack

Training Battles and Point System:

The app's training battles offer a combination of digital and physical gameplay. By engaging in these battles, players can earn points that can be used for various purposes. The points earned through training battles are not solely for obtaining rare Beyblades, but they can also be utilized for tournament and event participation, in-app game enhancements, and store visits. The app's point system adds depth and rewards players for their dedication and skill.

Mall of Toys: Your Pre-Order Destination:

To ensure fans secure their Beyblade X Battle Pass and other Beyblade X releases, Mall of Toys is offering a convenient pre-order option. By reserving the Battle Pass and other items through Mall of Toys, enthusiasts can guarantee their place in line and pre-order their desired products. Mall of Toys also provides valuable information in the shape of informative blog posts, guiding fans on how to make the most of their Beyblade X purchasing experience.

Cobalt Drake: The Exclusive Beyblade:

Among the exciting features of the app is the opportunity to acquire the exclusive Cobalt Drake Beyblade. This limited-edition Beyblade can only be obtained by accumulating points through the app or by making substantial purchases. The Cobalt Drake boasts a design reminiscent of the iconic Dragoon from the early generations, with its striking motifs and unique parts. Despite initial renderings in the app lacking depth and detail, fans eagerly anticipate a more realistic view of the Cobalt Drake.

Online Matchmaking: Expanding the Beyblade Community:

One of the most promising features hinted at in the app's trailer is the upcoming online matchmaking option. This feature holds immense potential for revolutionizing the Beyblade experience, enabling players to battle opponents from around the world. The combination of physical launching with digital battles could bridge the gap for fans who lack a local Beyblade community. While the release of the app in different regions is uncertain, fans hope for a worldwide launch to fully embrace this new level of Beyblade connectivity.


The Beyblade X companion app opens up a world of exciting possibilities for Beyblade enthusiasts. With the introduction of the Battle Pass, the integration of physical and digital gameplay, and the promise of online matchmaking, Beyblade X aims to deliver an engaging and inclusive experience. As fans eagerly await the release of Beyblade X, the companion app's innovative features and functionalities promise to revolutionize the Beyblade community. Stay tuned for updates and announcements, as Beyblade X and its companion app are set to take the Beyblade world by storm.

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