BX-19 Rhino Horn 3-80S: In-Depth Review and Analysis

The Takara Tomy Beyblade-X series brings powerful new Beyblade systems to the arena. One of the standout Beyblades from this series is BX-19 Rhino Horn 3-80S. In this in-depth review, we’ll take a close look at the features, parts, and performance of BX-19  Rhino Horn to see what makes this Beyblade so formidable in the Beystadium.

review BX-19 Rhino horn

Rhino Horn Overview

The BX-19 Rhino Horn 3-80S Beyblade features a Balance Type and comes with the 3 dagger Performance Tip. It is a Stamina- focused Beyblade, with solid Defense capabilities. The Rhino Horn name and horn design on the Energy Layer are modeled after the rhinoceros. This gives the Beyblade a tough and hard-charging image and identity.

Rhino Horn comes in a metallic dark green, orange, and silver color scheme. The bright green and orange colors contrast nicely with the silver Energy Ring and silver Performance Tip. Overall, Rhino Horn has an exciting look that will stand out in any Beyblade X collection.

Rhino Horn 3 Energy Layer

The Rhino Horn 3 Energy Layer provides the foundation for strong Stamina and Defense in the Beystadium. The Energy Layer features a circular, horn-shaped design with thick ridges along the perimeter. This rugged shape can take heavy hits and absorb blows from rival Beyblade.

The perimeter ridges on Rhino Horn 3 also provide excellent spin stability and Stamina. By deflecting hits and retaining centrifugal force, Rhino Horn 3 can keep going strong through extended battles. This gives it an advantage in Stamina matches.

On the interior, Rhino Horn 3 features a looped canal with gaps along the sloped sides. This canal helps stabilize the Takara Tomy GT Chip at the center. Overall, the canal enables smooth, centered spin and prevents destabilizing friction and drag.

80S Chassis and 3 Dagger Tip

The 80S Chassis that comes with Rhino Horn provides additional Defense with its thick, angular sides. This gives the BX-19  strong protection against Knockout hits. The wider Chassis shape also provides stability for extended, efficient spinning.

Rhino Horn comes with the versatile 3 Dagger Performance Tip. This tip features three wide blades angled downward. The blades provide solid grip on the stadium floor for driving power and speed.

In battle, the 3 Dagger tip switches between Attack and Stamina modes. At slower speeds, the blades extend downward for Stamina. At higher speeds, the centrifugal force causes the blades to extend outward for Attack clashes. This gives Rhino Horn flexibility to adapt its tactics during a match.

BX-19 parts

Performance and Playability

With its sturdy Energy Layer, wider Chassis, and adaptable Performance Tip, the Rhino Horn 3-80S Beyblade provides an excellent fusion of Stamina, Defense, and Attack abilities. This makes it a well-rounded Beyblade that can tackle various opponents and matchups.

Defense is a clear highlight for Rhino Horn 3-80S. The durable Energy Layer and wide 80S Chassis give it the fortification to withstand powerful hits. Rhino Horn can remain standing through barrages of strikes. This lets it outlast and wear down more aggressive, Attack-focused opponents.

Stamina is another strength here. The Rhino Horn Energy Layer maintains spin velocity and efficiency, keeping the Beyblade going strong. The 3 Dagger tip shifts to Stamina mode during slower movements, maximizing spin time. This allows Rhino Horn to keep attacking and spinning long after rival Beyblade have stopped.

Rhino Horn 3-80S offers solid Attack abilities as well. When spun at high speeds, the 3 Dagger tip extends for fierce clashes and hits. This gives Rhino Horn strike power to match its endurance. It can both defend against and deliver powerful attacks when needed.

With its well-rounded abilities, Rhino Horn 3-80S is a great choice for Bladers looking for versatility. It can adapt to take on Attack, Defense, and Stamina types in the arena. Advanced players can utilize techniques to get the most out of Rhino Horn’s hybrid strengths during battles.

Overall, Rhino Horn brings excellent Defense, Stamina, balance, and strong parts to provide dynamic performance and play. Any fan of the Beyblade  will want to add this formidable Beyblade to their collection and launch into battle.

Bx-19 Beyblade



Durable Rhino Horn Energy Layer provides excellent Defense

80S Chassis gives stability and protection from Knockouts

3 Dagger tip balances Attack and Stamina modes

Strong Stamina for outspinning opponents

Well-rounded abilities for versatility

Great for advanced techniques and strategies

Awesome rhino and horn beast design


Lacks extreme specialization for focused play styles

Chassis limits Attack abilities compared to more agile shapes

Spin velocity affects performance of the 3 Dagger tip

BX-19 Rino Horn 3-80S Beyblade

Customization and Compatibility

The Rhino Horn 3 Energy Layer and 80S Chassis provide a solid base for customization. Switching up the Performance Tip allows for fine-tuning Rhino Horn's abilities.

Here are some combos to try:

Rhino Horn 3 - Bearing: Adds increased mobility and maneuverability for deflecting hits.

Rhino Horn 3 - Revolve: Provides enhanced Defense and Keeps grade by resisting Knockouts.

Rhino Horn 3 - Merge: Maximizes Stamina by combining instant acceleration with long, efficient spin time.

Rhino Horn 3 - Zephyr: Creates an imbalance style by reducing friction for chaotic, unpredictable movement.

Rhino Horn 3 - Atomic: Generates high Attack power and speed for more aggressive battles.

The strong synergy between Rhino Horn's Energy Layer and Chassis produces reliable performance even when experimenting with different Performance Tips. Overall, Rhino Horn has great customization potential to create combinations to match specific playing styles and tactics.


In conclusion, the Takara Tomy Beyblade-X BX-19 Rhino Horn 3-80S is a game-changer in the world of Beyblade. With its outstanding stamina, defense capabilities, and the potential for customization, it's a must-have for bladers seeking to dominate the arena. As both a competitor's dream and a collector's gem, the Rhino Horn 3-80S continues to leave its mark in the world of Beyblade.

So, gear up, customize your Rhino Horn 3-80S, and unleash the fury in your Beyblade battles. This powerful Beyblade will undoubtedly help you rise to the top of the Beyblade world!


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