Bx-23 Starter Set Review: A "Phoenix" That Soars in Attack Power

Takara Tomy BX-23 Starter Set Review: A "Phoenix" That Soars in Attack Power


Beyblade enthusiasts, brace yourselves! The Takara Tomy Beyblade X BX-23 Starter Set has emerged as a game-changer in the world of competitive spinning tops. Packed with innovation, this Attack-type Beyblade is set to redefine battles with its impeccable design and powerful components. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve deep into the nuances of the BX-23, exploring its features, parts, release information, and its ties to the anime/manga series.

The Beyblade franchise has captured the hearts and imaginations of children and adults alike since its inception in 1999. With the recently released Beyblade X series, Takara Tomy aims to continue the legacy by innovating the iconic Beyblade system and introducing new parts and gimmicks. One such example is the BX-23 Starter Set featuring the right-spin Attack-Type Beyblade Phoenix Wing Ratchet 9 Gears-60.

As an avid Beyblade collector and Battler myself, I was eager to get my hands on the BX-23 Starter Set to see how Phoenix Wing Ratchet performs in battle. In this in-depth review, I will cover the BX-23 Starter Set’s features, parts breakdown, battle performance against other Beyblade X Beys, and whether it’s worth purchasing.

Takara Tomy  BX-23 Starter Set

Product Overview

The BX-23 Starter Set comes packaged in a colorful box depicting the featured Beyblade, Phoenix Wing Ratchet, in the center. On the back, an overview shows the parts breakdown and a summary of Ratchet’s battle style and gimmick.


Blade: Phoenix Wing

Ratchet: 9-60

Bit: GF

Launcher: Red String Launcher

ABOUT BX-23 Phoenix Wing 9-60GF Starter

Manufacturer: Takara Tomy

Product Code: BX-23 / BX23

System: Xtreme Gear Sports

Series: Beyblade X

Inside the box, you get the assembled right-spin Attack-Type Beyblade, Phoenix Wing Ratchet 9 Gears-60, plus a right-spin grip launcher. As with all Beyblade X Starter Sets, the launcher color matches Ratchet’s red and yellow color scheme.

Parts Breakdown

Here are the parts included in the BX-23 Starter Set:

Layer - Phoenix Wing Ratchet:

The brand new Phoenix Wing Ratchet Layer weighs 18.4g and features a ratchet gimmick for varying levels of Attack power. The Layer depicts a fiery phoenix with spread wings.

 Blade - 9:

The Blade features nine small wings evenly spaced around a thick core, providing Smash Attack potential.

Gears - 60:

 This new Disc Frame enhances Attack power through centrifugal force. The six free-spinning gears along the perimeter contribute extra weight and momentum for hard hits.

Chassis - Xtreme’:

Made specifically for Attack combinations, the Xtreme’ ditches gimmicks for a circular rim shape that maximizes resistance.

Driver - Xtreme’:

Matching the Chassis, the Xtreme’ Driver also focuses on stabilization and stamina with instant acceleration but low aggressiveness.

With a Layer weight of 18.4g, Ratchet 9 Gears-60 tips the scales around 50g in total. This places the Bey in the middleweight class, light enough for speedy attacks but heavy enough to pack a punch.

Takara Tomy Beyblade X BX-23

Anime/Manga Representation

Owner: Burn Fujiwara

In the animated world, Burn Fujiwara

assumes the ownership of the BX-23, utilizing its prowess to overcome

adversaries with strategic precision and raw power.

Creator: Yggdrasil

The creative genius behind the BX-23

in the anime/manga series is attributed to Yggdrasil, a mastermind renowned for pushing the boundaries of Beyblade engineering.

Performance Analysis

The BX-23 showcases exceptional performance on the battlegrounds, living up to its Attack-type classification. Its aggressive spin pattern, coupled with the harmonious integration of Phoenix

Wing, Ratchet 9-60, and Gear Flat, grants unparalleled stability, speed, and striking capabilities, giving competitors a run for their money.

BX-23 Starter Set

Customization Combos with BX-23's Phoenix Wing Ratchet: Strategic Beyblade Configurations for Versatile Battles

Customizing your Beyblade X BX-23 Starter Set goes beyond its default configuration. Leveraging the Phoenix Wing Ratchet as a base, along with compatible Attack-type components, discs, and drivers, allows for diverse and strategic combinations tailored for specific opponents and battle scenarios.

Offensive Aggression Combo:

Base: Phoenix Wing Ratchet
Attack Layer: Hyperion
Forge Disc: Blitz
Performance Tip: Xtend+

Strategy: This configuration emphasizes relentless offense and speed. Hyperion X amplifies attack capabilities, while the Blitz disc enhances weight distribution for aggressive impacts. The Xtend+ tip offers both stamina and aggressive movement, ensuring dominance in fast-paced battles against opponents with moderate defense.

High Impact and Stability Combo:

Base: Phoenix Wing Ratchet
Attack Layer: Valkyrie
Forge Disc: 10
Performance Tip: Atomic

Strategy: This setup focuses on striking power while maintaining stability. Valkyrie X provides exceptional attack potential, paired with the 10 disc for stability and balance. The Atomic tip enhances both stamina and stability, allowing for controlled but forceful attacks against opponents with strong defensive setups.

Speedy and Unpredictable Combo:

Base: Phoenix Wing Ratchet
Attack Layer: Diabolos
Forge Disc: Vanguard
Performance Tip: Bearing

Strategy: This combination prioritizes speed and agility. Diabolos X ensures swift and unpredictable movements, while the Vanguard disc amplifies agility and acceleration. The Bearing tip enables rapid and erratic movements, ideal for outmaneuvering opponents relying on predictable strategies.

Balanced Attack and Defense Combo:

Base: Phoenix Wing Ratchet
Attack Layer: Spriggan
Forge Disc: Zenith
Performance Tip: Unite

Strategy: Balancing offense and defense, Spriggan X offers versatility in both attack and defense. The Zenith disc provides stability and balance, enhancing overall control. The Unite tip allows for adaptability, providing both defensive stamina and sudden bursts of aggression as needed during battles against well-rounded opponents.

Tactical Adaptability Combo:

Base: Phoenix Wing Ratchet
Attack Layer: Longinus
Forge Disc: Outer
Performance Tip: Destroy

Strategy: This combination offers tactical versatility. Longinus X enhances attack capabilities with its versatile design. The Outer disc provides weight and stability, while the Destroy tip offers a fusion of aggressive movement and stamina, allowing for adaptability against various opponents with differing playstyles.

Beyblade X BX-23 Starter Set

Pros and Cons of the BX-23 Phoenix Wing Ratchet Starter Set:


Attack Dominance: Renowned as an Attack-type Beyblade, the BX-23 excels in delivering aggressive maneuvers and formidable strikes, positioning itself as a force to reckon with in competitive battles.

Innovative Design & Technology: The BX-23 introduces groundbreaking components, notably the Phoenix Wing, designed for high-impact clashes. Paired with the Ratchet 9-60 and Gear Flat, this Beyblade maximizes attack potential without compromising stability, showcasing cutting-edge engineering.

Anime/Manga Representation: Its association with the anime/manga series adds depth to the experience, linking players to beloved characters and storylines, fostering a deeper connection and heightened excitement during battles.

Right-Spin Direction: With its right-spin configuration, the BX-23 harnesses rotational force, enabling intensified attacks while maintaining exceptional stability, ensuring a dominant performance in the stadium.

Engaging Gameplay: Offering an adrenaline-inducing gameplay experience, the BX-23 empowers players to execute thrilling and strategic moves, providing an immersive and electrifying playtime.


Specialized Performance: While excelling in attack capabilities, the BX-23 might lack versatility for players favoring a more balanced or defensive spinning top.

Learning Curve: Mastering its aggressive playstyle may necessitate practice and skill, potentially posing a challenge for beginners or newcomers to high-speed Beyblade battles.

Limited Compatibility: As part of the Beyblade X series, its compatibility with components from other series might be restricted, limiting customization options for some users.

Availability and Cost: Limited availability upon release and potentially higher cost compared to other Beyblades might pose challenges for enthusiasts seeking immediate acquisition.

Is the BX-23 Phoenix Wing Ratchet Starter Set Worth It?

The decision to invest in the BX-23 Phoenix Wing Ratchet Starter Set depends on personal preferences and playstyle. For enthusiasts seeking an aggressive, attack-centric Beyblade with top-tier performance and an engaging tie-in to the anime/manga series, the BX-23 stands as an excellent choice.

However, for players desiring versatility, a more balanced spinning top, or those looking for a more straightforward learning curve, exploring other Beyblade options might be more suitable.

Ultimately, the BX-23 Starter Set's worth is subjective, hinging on individual preferences, desired gameplay style, and the significance of its anime/manga ties to the overall Beyblade experience.

Takara Tomy Beyblade X BX-23 Starter Set


The Takara Tomy Beyblade X BX-23 Starter Set offers an exciting and powerful gameplay experience tailored for those seeking an aggressive, attack-focused Beyblade. Its release in December 2023 marks a new era for enthusiasts, promising exhilarating battles and thrilling moments. With Burn Fujiwara as its wielder in the animated world and Yggdrasil as its creator, the BX-23 embodies the spirit of fierce competition and unwavering strength. While its specialized performance and tie-ins to the anime/manga series add significant appeal, considerations around its learning curve, compatibility, and availability should be noted before making a purchase. Overall, for fans of intense battles and competitive playstyles, the BX-23 stands as an impressive choice within the Beyblade X series.

Gear up, Beyblade aficionados, for the arrival of BX-23, the epitome of power and performance!


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