Behind the Spin: A Comprehensive Review of the Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set


Beyblade emerge onto the global toy scene in 1999 and has captivated children and adults alike ever since. The iconic spinning top battle game combines exciting competition with cool customization that appeals to a wide range of ages. With so many Beyblade X options now available, choosing the right entry set can be overwhelming for newcomers. That's why the Takara Tomy BX-22 is a top recommendation for beginner bladers.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set. From the included Beys and launcher, to tips on getting started battling, you’ll see why this set has all the quality and value needed for a fantastic introduction to Beyblade X.

Bx-22 Dran Sword 3-60F reviewing

An Overview of the Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set

The Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set is a great starter set for those looking to get into the world of Beyblade X. As an attack type Beyblade with a right-spin direction, the BX-22 can launch aggressive battles right out of the box. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a close look at the components, performance, and value of the Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set to help you determine if it's the right fit for your Beyblading needs.


  • Blade: Dran Sword
  • Ratchet: 3-60
  • Bit: Taper
  • Launcher: Light Launcher
  • Premier Stickers
  • Documentation (Japanese)
  • About BX-22 Dran Sword 3-6 Taper Entry Starter

    • Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
    • Product Code: BX-22 / BX22
    • System: Xtreme Gear Sports
    • Series: Beyblade X

    The Takara Tomy BX-22 set comes with everything the beginning Beyblader needs to start battling. The set includes:

    BX-22 Dran Sword Attack Beyblade

    Light launcher

    Takara tomy Beyblade X BX-22 Entry Set

    The BX-22 blade itself features:

    Dran Sword blade for aggressive movements

    3-60 ratchet for varying spin speeds

    Flat bit chip for additional attack power

    As an entry level set at a reasonable price point, the BX-22

    delivers solid performance without breaking the bank. The streamlined

    components offer newcomers a taste of the core Beyblading experience.

    Unboxing of the BX-22

    Getting started with the Takara Tomy BX-22 requires just a

    few quick assembly steps. The set comes packed with the Dran Sword blade,

    ratchet, bit chip, tool, and instructions all in plastic bags.

    BX-22 Dran Sword Blade Design and Performance

    The molded blue Dran Sword blade base provides the foundation for battling. Its aerodynamic shape allows for smooth circular movement within the Beystadium. The blade is on the smaller side at only 2.875 inches in diameter, making it best for compact battles.

    Despite its size, the angled design of the Dran Sword blade promotes aggressive movements. The four pronounced sword tips recoil off the sloped Beystadium walls to maintain speed. Between collisions, the blade maintains enough stamina to keep battles interesting.

    During launches, the Dran Sword grips the Beystadium surface to prevent early knockouts. This ensures some back and forth with opponents before going down. While the blade lacks advanced features for complex maneuvers, its performance matches its beginner-friendly purpose.

    Ratchet and Bit Chip Provide Control and Power

    The included 3-60 ratchet and flat bit chip complement the Dran Sword's capabilities. The ratchet piece allows some customization of spin speed by adjusting the ripcord tension. This gives battles more variability.

    The flat bit chip then builds on that controllable spin with additional attack power. Its smooth flat edge adds momentum to clashes without compromising balance. Combined with the blade design, the bit chip gives the BX an advantage in drawn out battles.

    Together, the ratchet and bit offer welcome control over performance. They take the Beyblade beyond simply overpowering opponents with speed to enabling strategic launches.

    Launcher Enables Both Right and Left-Spin Battles

    The BX-22 Entry Set launcher stands out for its ability to adapt to right and left-spin battles. The blue launcher includes both a left and right ripcord grip to switch spin direction. This versatility opens up more creative battling opportunities.

    The launcher itself has a comfortable ergonomic grip sized for small hands. Despite its light weight, the launcher can rip smooth, controlled launches every time. Between the adjustable ratchet and adaptive launcher, the BX-22 provides ample room to experiment with battling techniques.

    Dran Sword 3-60F Bx-22

    Anime and Manga Appearances

    In the Beyblade anime and manga, the original owner of Dran Sword is Ekusu Kurosu Chrome Ryugu. Ekusu lends Dran Sword to other characters through the X series for intense showdowns.

    Dran Sword makes its first appearance in episode X of the anime. Ekusu’s bey is shown utilizing its signature special moves like the X Dash, Double X Dash, and X Dash 4X Version to defeat opponents. These dashing attacks charge up momentum for explosive collisions.

    Similarly in the manga’s chapter X, readers get their first look at Dran Sword’s aggressive battling style. The images showcase the blade built for headfirst attacks trading blows with rival Beys. This sets the tone for Dran Sword as a go to choice for high octane battles.

    Top Features and Benefits

    Easy to Use and Master for Beginners

    Despite the intense-looking anime battles, Beyblade gaming actually has a gentle learning curve. The Takara Tomy BX-22 leverages quality components that help first-timers quickly grasp battling techniques.

    The string launcher feeds smooth power for easily executing slides, jumps, crashes, and other key moves right off the bat. The included Bey, Dran Sword is specifically designed for novice use. Its Balance and Defense typing lets you experience solid back-and-forth clashes as you learn optimal launch angles and spin methods.

    High Quality and Value Pricing

    Despite its reasonable price as an entry level set, the Takara Tomy BX-22 does not compromise on component quality and construction. The Beys utilize the same Detailed Layer System and Advanced Disc Design seen in top-tier professional Beys. Their materials, molding, weight distribution and overall crafting allow for smooth, balanced, responsive battling behavior.

    The string launcher and Beystadium are made of durable plastics built to withstand novice battling. Mold lines are minimal and edges are rounded for safe handling by kids. Compared to other starter sets, all pieces in the BX-22 exhibit attention to detail reflecting the Takara Tomy

    brand's decades of Beyblade design experience. This quality ensures enjoyment today, and value retention for potential resale later on.

    Getting Started with Battling Techniques

    Now that you know its quality design and play potential,

    let’s talk battling! Here are some tips for getting the most out of the Takara Tomy BX-22 right out of the box:

    • Experiment with rip cord angles - The angle that the

    launcher pulls the rip cord out affects spin behavior. Generally more vertical

    is better, but play around to get a feel.

    • Develop special moves - As your handling improves

    try circular speeds, combined attacks, uppercut launches and other signature

    moves that make battles more dramatic.

    • Customize as desired - When ready, swap frames, tips

    and weights between Roktavor and Valtryek. Experiment to create your own custom Bey for even more unique battling. 

    While the techniques can get complex, starter sets like the Takara Tomy BX-22 make grasping the basics very smooth. Pay attention to angles, power levels, friction, balance factors and other dynamics that affect the Beys. Studying real tournament videos helps see what’s possible. With practice, you’ll be striking impressive special moves before you know it thanks to the BX-22 quality.

    Bx-22 DranSword

    Pros and Cons of the Takara Tomy BX-22

    Before deciding if the BX-22 is the right Beyblade set for

    you or your young gamer, let’s summarize the pros and cons:


    Complete starter set at a reasonable price

    Dran Sword blade optimized for attack

    Adaptable right/left-spin launcher

    Ratchet adds spin speed control

    Iconic bit beast design from the anime


    Light plastic construction less durable

    Small parts may pose choking hazard

    Limited technique capabilities

    No storage/carrying case


    While having a few small limitations, the well-rounded design of the Takara Tomy BX-22 addresses essential areas for successfully getting into Beyblade gaming.

    Who the BX-22 Entry Set is Good For

    The well-rounded Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set shines as a starter pick for younger or new Beybladers. Both the price and performance make it appealing to casual battlers looking to get familiar with the basics.

    Younger kids around ages 6-8 will enjoy the fierce Dran Sword design they may recognize from the show. The smaller blade size also suits their hands well for good grip. Parents additionally benefit from the safety of plastic parts versus competitive metal builds.

    For newcomers to the Beyblade world, the set has all the pieces to understand battling fundamentals. The streamlined components let players try launching techniques without overly complex parts. Overall, the Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set gives an exciting on-ramp for growing bey enthusiasts.

    Bx-22 Dran Sword 3-60F

    Final Words

    At the end of the day, the BX-22 delivers a solid entry-level battling experience to kickstart your Beyblade X journey. While seasoned players may desire more advanced performance, beginners will appreciate the set’s thoughtful balance.

    The Dran Sword blade brings canonical aggression to compact clashes with its dash attacks. Coupled with launcher and ratchet control, new strategies open up through practice. This breeds a fulfilling sense of mastery over elements like spin direction and ripcord launches in the stadium.

    For those on a budget, the reasonable price point softens the blow of any hard losses by younger battlers. Even with its lightweight plastic pieces, the iconic anime design exhumes bold energy. This energizes the imagination as kids emulate epic showdowns from the comfort of home.

    Anyone yearning to pick up Beyblading and try their hand at competitive spinning would do well to start with the Takara Tomy BX-22. It throws newcomers directly into fierce, fast-paced battles to experience the electric excitement. For these reasons, the Takara Tomy BX-22 Entry Set earns our solid recommendation.

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