Beyblades History 

The spinning tops have roots in ancient civilization and were found by archeologists while unearthing Iraq. The link met King Tut nearly 6000 years ago. Beyblade is an advanced form of spinning top manufactured by Takara in Japan in 1999. The history of Beyblades is as interesting as the play itself.

If you are keen to find out how Beyblades work and which Beyblades are best, along with many interesting facts about the Beyblades and manufacturers, then keep reading with us.

When Were Beyblades Made

The Beyblades were manufactured in 1999, but the demand increased in 2001 after releasing the game and the TV cartoon series aired. The product becomes hot selling within a short period, and people have to preorder to get one for themselves.

The connection between Beigoma and Beyblade

Beyblade idea is a modification of beigoma. The beigoma has a thin cord, top, and canvas fabric with matte material. The spin period determines the winner. The ideology came from china to Japan. Takara Tomy company in Japan reintroduced the play with a metallic fusion and technical patterns. 

What Is Takara Tomy?

The company is the pioneer of Beyblade manufacturing. Their Beyblades are famous all over the world. Similarly, other toys also have premium quality. Ultimate frostic Danzer, Saizo, and spin dragon were their first releases in their toy line. 

Evolution of Beyblades With TV Series and Games Promotion

Besides acquiring the beigoma technology, Takara Tomy Beyblade is also under the influence of Pokemon. Takao and Kai are represented in Red/Blue colors. Hudson also introduced the Beyblade game and Pokemon-like games in the period. All factors of game and toyline were aligned to a similar pattern.

Later Beyblade fighting tournament and manga, also known as Bakuten Shoot Beyblade, linked the people with the toy. 

Anime television series was the last nail in the coffin, and they boosted their popularity to another level. "Bakuten Shoot Beyblade" aired from January to December 2000-2001. The anime representation made the Beyblade game famous among the youth and kids. 

How many Beyblades are there?

After Takara, Hasbro also started manufacturing the Beyblades under the license of Takara Tomy. Both are Beyblades yet have different features even though they have same models but they are not identical. There are 4 basic types of Beyblades;

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Balance 
  • Stamina

The player can choose the one according to preferences. The attack Beyblade is quite destructive and hits the opponents. In comparison, defense is designed to neutralize the impacts. In contrast, both the Stamina and Balance Beyblades target the performance and period of spinning on the floor. 

Amendments in designs and Evolutions

The Beyblade toy line was trending in 2000-2005, and the company sold millions of units. However, Beyblades undergoes an evolution process, and the design changes with time. The metal Beyblades and hybrid Beyblades are part of evolution. Moreover, the hybrid wheel was a combination and endurance Beyblade titles as stamina and balanced types.

How To Play Beyblades

From the beginning till now, children have been the target of the Beyblades manufacture. Whether Hasbro or Takara, the companies design and publicize their latest model among the young generation. 

Nevertheless, the addictive and engaging game demands integrated connections with cartoon series and anime characters, including 88 constellations in space to keep the player engaged throughout the play. 

Another important factor is the easy gameplay. The rules are quite defined, and the scoring and gameplay are not difficult. 

  • Objective: Achieving 7 or more points before others
  • Method:  the players will shoot while pulling the bey launcher in the bey stadium. The battle ends right after bey stops.
  • Scoring: You get the score when your Beyblade stays on the bey stadium for a relatively long period. Touching the opponent also gives your opponent 1 score. Similarly, touching the bey stadium will help your opponent win 3 points.

  • Is Hasbro Beyblades Better Than Takara Tomy

     In conclusion, my topic I must say the original Takara Tomy Beyblades are unmatchable. Undoubtedly Hasbro is also the only competitor in the market, but the quality and flawlessness of the Takara are a winner for me and enthusaists alike

    Hasbro manufactures similar Beyblades with even better quality at the least prices. Yet both have their own merits and demerits. The history of Beyblades is rooted in spin-top toys from 17the century till beigoma, and now the advanced Beyblades represent the skill and love of children and adults.

    Interesting Facts About Beyblades- Meet the Roots of History

    Starting as a fun challenge of spinning top, the advanced bay blades based on mechanical customization and lighting effects have some interesting facts. Beyblade lovers will always find these facts interesting.

    The oldest Beyblade

    The oldest Beyblade is an ultimate dragon Beyblade manufactured and released in 1999. It primarily had 3 parts spinning top and dual combating layers. 

    Versatile Systems of Beyblades

    There are various types of Beyblade systems. The few most trending are as follows.

    Magnacore system It has a magnetic effect on spins and gears. Attraction and repulsion of magnetic poles add thrill to the game.

    Engine Gear System Reverse gears, gyro Engine gear, and turbo engine gears add variety to attacking and launching without launchers.

    Heavy Metal System Inspired by anime series, the heavy metal system has small metals. The velocities are faster, and the four-layered system improves efficiency.

    Hybrid Wheel System, released in 2008 in Japan, became famous globally due to the addition of wheels. 


    Exploring  Beyblade's history is fun for someone with the love of Beyblades. Get yourself the classical Beyblade or the new Superking, Dynamite systems and enjoy competing with friends! 


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