How Beyblades Work?

Spinning Beyblade after power-launch is an satisfying sight. You might know how to launch a Beyblade and compete with friends. But to know How Beyblades Work is a way to improve your skills also learn the physics behind it.

Beyblades has a deep-rooted history of spinning tops with threads. However, Beyblades was the rebirth of lost entertainment of the 16th century. Beyblades and launcher were launched in 2000 by a Japanese TakaraTomy, a toy company. The history is interesting; the physics behind the Beyblade working is mesmerizing and full of natural forces. 

Spinner and Launcher Physics

The spinning Beyblades head and launcher observe several forces. Here is a quick review of the physics behind the Beyblade working.

Centrifugal Forces

The centrifugal force is a force due to spin. The heavier object has higher centrifugal forces, which keeps them spinning on-axis. The stable centrifugal forces keep the Beyblade stable and prevent it from losing the axis and falling out of the stadium. The mass of the spinner and the speed determine the centrifugal force in Beyblade. 

Energy Conservation

Energy is immortal, according to different theories. However, the release of energy happens as a transformation of energy from one form to another. The mechanical energy transformed after pulling the launcher ribbon generates kinetic energy, and part of it overcomes the friction. 

Action and Reaction Forces

Once you launch the Beyblade, the launcher exerts a force on the beys. As a reaction force, the Beyblade keeps spinning for a significant period. The reaction force cancels the gravitational forces and impacts the other opponent's Beyblade. The collision of the Beyblades exerts the opposite forces in the opposite direction. 

Law of Inertia

The law of inertia state that the transformation of a state needs an external force. Moving Beyblades face force of friction and resistant force from opponent Beyblades or the stadium walls that halt the movement. In contrast, the acceleration due to spinning keeps on moving until stopped. 

Mass and Acceleration Connection

The mass and acceleration are related. The heavy mass needs a high force to attain acceleration. Similarly, the force needed to stop the acceleration is also high. Therefore, the stamina and balance of Beyblades are heavy and need powerful launches to get the acceleration. 

The attacking Beyblades are not heavy and thus attain maximum centrifugal acceleration. The size of the Beyblades also influences the speed; thus, smaller tops usually lose control when they collide with heavy beys. 

Torque in a spinning and rotating Beyblades

Another common law of physics is prominent in spinning beys known as Torque. The turning effect is due to the centripetal force on Beyblade, and it depends on the launch angle. A furious collision occurs when the force is more than the opposite or colliding. It also causes the spinning as well as rotation within the stadium. 

Spinning Momentum

The heavy beys have stronger and lasting momentum. The collisions transmit the momentum upon collisions, becoming the chain reaction. Transferring from kinetic to potential energies, the law of conservation of momentum strongly impacts the working of Beyblades.

Parts of Beyblades

The parts of Beyblades are designed according to the Beyblade type. 


The facebolt keeps the parts of Beyblade intact. The facebolt is a tiny part but has roots in mythical characters. 

Metal Wheel

The attacker Beyblades usually have such wheels. It boosts the attacking power of the blade. The attack is rigorous and powerful that it knocks out the opponent in a few strokes. 

Clear Wheel

The clear wheel controls the spin of the beys. The sharper, clear wheel enables a smooth and frictionless spin. 


The Beyblade is very effective in determining the spin and stamina of the Beyblade. The dynamic stamina of the Beyblade is due to gravity and friction of the tip with the floor. 


Launchers are also an important part of Beyblades. The launchers are available in different styles. Hence, you can choose one according to your Beyblade type, spin direction and the season. 

Bottom Lines

A successful and powerful launch depends on the launching angle and strength. More you practice, you can read about it on "How Beyblades work?” 

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