Review BX 08 '3on3 Deck Set' - Taking Play to the Next Level

Taking Play to the Next Level - TAKARA TOMY Beyblade X '3on3 Deck Set'

The Beyblade X series, launched in 2023, transformed the Beyblade universe by introducing cutting-edge designs and exciting gameplay elements. Among these, the TAKARA TOMY Beyblade X '3on3 Deck Set' BX-08 is a standout offering that redefines Beyblade battles. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the contents of the BX-08 set, including the exclusive Beyblades it includes, and delve into strategies and customization options that can elevate your Beyblade experience.

3on3 Deck Set Contents

Unveiling the TAKARA TOMY Beyblade X '3on3 Deck Set' BX-08

The BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set' is more than just a collection of Beyblades; it's a gateway to dynamic and strategic Beyblade battles. Let's begin by introducing the Beyblades that are part of this exciting set:

1. Hells Scythe 3-80B:

Hells Scythe is a fearsome Beyblade that boasts exceptional offensive capabilities. Its unique design, characterized by a powerful scythe motif, allows it to deliver devastating attacks to opponents. The combination of the layer's shape and the 3-80B disc results in remarkable smash attack power.

2. Wizard Arrow 4-60N:

Wizard Arrow takes on a balanced role in Beyblade battles, offering both attack and defense capabilities. Its versatile design allows Bladers to adapt to various gameplay styles. The combination of the layer's design and the 4-60N disc makes it well-rounded and suitable for a wide range of strategies.

3. Knight Shield 4-80T:

Knight Shield is a defensive powerhouse, excelling in endurance and stamina. The layer's unique shield-inspired design provides exceptional resistance to opponents' attacks. The 4-80T disc adds stability and endurance, making it a formidable choice for long battles.

Takara Tomy BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set'

Dissecting the Parts: Blade, Ratchet, and Bit

In the world of Beyblade, each component plays a crucial role in defining a Beyblade's identity and its performance in the Beystadium. Let's explore the specific details of the Blade, Ratchet, and Bit components of three unique Beyblades: Hells Scythe 3-80B, Wizard Arrow 4-60N, and Knight Shield 4-80T. Additionally, we'll delve into the Spin Direction and Type of each Beyblade, which further contribute to their distinct attributes.

Hells Scythe 3-80B

Blade: Hells Scythe
The core of the Beyblade, the Blade, determines its primary attributes and characteristics. In the case of Hells Scythe 3-80B, the Blade is aptly named "Hells Scythe." This Blade defines the Beyblade's design and, combined with other components, influences its performance.

Ratchet: 3-80
The Ratchet is the next vital component. In Hells Scythe 3-80B, it's identified as "3-80." The Ratchet has a significant impact on the Beyblade's spin time, stability, and compatibility with other components. It's crucial for Bladers to select the right Ratchet to align with their desired performance attributes.

Bit: Ball
The Bit is a crucial part for customization and appearance. Hells Scythe 3-80B features the Bit called "Ball." The Ball Bit adds a personalized touch to the Beyblade and also influences its gameplay. The round shape of the Ball Bit contributes to the Beyblade's smooth movement and balance during battles.

Spin Direction: Right Spin
Hells Scythe 3-80B spins in the right direction, a factor that impacts its movement pattern, strategy, and compatibility with other Beyblades. Right-spin Beyblades typically have a clockwise rotation.

Type: Stamina
Stamina Beyblades are designed to outlast their opponents by maintaining spin and outmaneuvering them. Hells Scythe 3-80B is categorized as a Stamina-type Beyblade, making it a formidable choice for Bladers who aim to outspin their adversaries.

BX-08 Hells Scythe 3-80B

Wizard Arrow 4-60N

Blade: Wizard Arrow
Wizard Arrow 4-60N gets its name from its Blade component, "Wizard Arrow." This Blade is central to the Beyblade's identity and influences its design and attributes.

Ratchet: 4-60
The Ratchet, marked as "4-60," contributes to the Beyblade's performance characteristics, including spin time and stability. Selecting the right Ratchet is crucial for optimizing the Beyblade's capabilities.

Bit: Needle
Wizard Arrow 4-60N showcases the "Needle" Bit, which serves a dual purpose by adding a unique appearance to the Beyblade and impacting its gameplay. The pointed tip of the Needle Bit enhances precision and control, making it an excellent choice for Bladers who value accuracy.

Spin Direction: Right Spin
Wizard Arrow 4-60N, like Hells Scythe 3-80B, spins in the right direction, resulting in a clockwise rotation during battles.

Type: Defense
Wizard Arrow 4-60N is classified as a Defense-type Beyblade. Defense Beyblades focus on protecting against attacks from opponents, making them a solid choice for Bladers seeking durability and resilience.

BX-08 Wizard Arrow 4-60N

Knight Shield 4-80T

Blade: Knight Shield
The Blade, named "Knight Shield," is at the core of Knight Shield 4-80T, defining its design and primary characteristics.

Ratchet: 4-80
Identified as "4-80," the Ratchet component plays a pivotal role in determining spin time, stability, and compatibility with other Beyblade parts.

Bit: Taper
The Bit of Knight Shield 4-80T is "Taper," adding a unique visual element to the Beyblade and impacting its gameplay. The conical design of the Taper Bit enhances maneuverability and versatility during battles.

Spin Direction: Right Spin
Knight Shield 4-80T, similar to the previous two Beyblades, spins in the right direction, resulting in a clockwise rotation during battles.

Type: Balance
Knight Shield 4-80T falls into the Balance category. Balance Beyblades aim to strike a harmonious equilibrium between attack, defense, and stamina attributes. They offer versatility and adaptability in various battle scenarios.

In summary, the Blade, Ratchet, and Bit components of Hells Scythe 3-80B, Wizard Arrow 4-60N, and Knight Shield 4-80T each play a distinct role in shaping the Beyblade's identity and influencing its performance. The choice of these components can significantly impact a Blader's strategy and the Beyblade's effectiveness in the Beystadium. Additionally, the Spin Direction and Type of each Beyblade further define their unique attributes and gameplay style. Understanding these details is crucial for Bladers looking to master the art of Beyblade battles.

Bx-08 Knight Shield 4-80T

Pros and Cons of the BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set'

Before diving deeper into the strategies and customization options for the BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set,' let's examine the advantages and potential limitations of this set:


Strategic Versatility: The inclusion of a balanced Beyblade, an attack-oriented Beyblade, and a defensive Beyblade allows for diverse and strategic gameplay.

High-Quality Components: As a TAKARA TOMY product, the BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set' maintains the brand's reputation for quality and durability.

Elemental Diversity: The set offers Beyblades with different elemental attributes, promoting elemental strategy development.

Unique and Exclusive: Hells Scythe, Wizard Arrow, and Knight Shield are exclusive Beyblades not available outside of this set, making it a must-have for collectors and competitive Bladers.


Availability: As an exclusive set, the BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set' may be limited in availability, potentially making it challenging for some Bladers to acquire.

Learning Curve: The strategic depth introduced by the set may present a steeper learning curve for newcomers to Beyblade.

Additional Expenses: While the set provides a thrilling Beyblade experience, Bladers may find themselves wanting to expand their collection with more Beyblades and components, incurring additional costs.

Strategies and Gameplay with the BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set'

The BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set' opens up a world of possibilities for strategic and engaging gameplay. Here are some strategies and tips to make the most of this exciting set:

1. Elemental Advantage:

Each Beyblade's elemental attribute plays a crucial role in battles. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each element is essential. For example, the attack-oriented Hells Scythe excels against stamina and defense types.

2. Adaptability:

The set's diverse Beyblades allow for flexible strategies. Start with Wizard Arrow for balanced gameplay, then switch to Hells Scythe for powerful attacks when the opportunity arises. Knight Shield can be used to outlast opponents in long battles.

3. Match Element to Opponent:

Analyzing your opponent's Beyblade and its element can give you an advantage. For instance, if your opponent is using a stamina-type Beyblade, consider using Hells Scythe to exploit its weaknesses.

4. Launching Techniques:

Perfecting your launch technique is essential for success. Work on your launch power, angle, and timing to ensure your Beyblades perform at their best.

5. Experiment with Customization:

While the BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set' includes exclusive Beyblades, don't hesitate to experiment with layer, disc, and performance tip combinations to fine-tune your Beyblades to your preferred playstyle.

6. Learn and Adapt:

Every battle is an opportunity to learn and adapt. Analyze your victories and losses, identify areas for improvement, and refine your strategies.

BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set'

Customization Options

1.Hells Scythe 3-80B:

Blade: Hells Scythe

Ratchet: 3-80

Bit: Ball

Spin Direction: Right Spin

Type: Stamina

Customization Options:

Stamina Focus: Bladers can enhance the stamina of Hells Scythe by pairing it with a lightweight Forge Disc and a tip that promotes stamina, like Defense (D), or Bearing (B). This setup allows the Beyblade to spin longer and outlast opponents in battles.

Wizard Arrow 4-60N:

2.Blade: Wizard Arrow

Ratchet: 4-60

Bit: Needle

Spin Direction: Right Spin

Type: Defense

Customization Options:

Defense Build: To improve Wizard Arrow's defense capabilities, Bladers can combine it with a heavy Forge Disc like 7, 10, or 0 to provide stability and resistance to opposing attacks. For the tip, Defense (D) or Atomic (A) can be chosen to enhance defensive performance.

3.Knight Shield 4-80T:

Blade: Knight Shield

Ratchet: 4-80

Bit: Taper

Spin Direction: Right Spin

Type: Balance

Customization Options:

Balanced Approach: Knight Shield is naturally a balanced Beyblade, and Bladers can further improve its balance by selecting components that maintain equilibrium. This may include Forge Discs like 4 or 7 for stability and tips like Bearing (B) for additional balance.

These customization options allow Bladers to tailor their Beyblades to specific strategies, whether it's focusing on stamina, defense, or balance. The chosen combination of Blade, Ratchet, Bit, Forge Disc, and Performance Tip plays a significant role in how a Beyblade performs in battles, making customization a key aspect of Beyblade strategy.

Takara Tomy  '3on3 Deck Set' BX-08


The TAKARA TOMY Beyblade-X '3on3 Deck Set' BX-08 is a game-changer in the world of Beyblade. With a diverse selection of Beyblades, strategic depth, and exciting gameplay, it offers Bladers a thrilling and dynamic Beyblade experience. Whether you're a collector or a competitive Blader, the BX-08 '3on3 Deck Set' is a must-have addition to your Beyblade collection, opening doors to exciting battles and strategic victories.


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