BX-17 Battle Entry Set: Unleash the Power of Spin | A User Review

In a world where metal meets strategy, where power collides with precision, and where the arena becomes the ultimate proving ground, there exists a phenomenon that has captured the hearts of countless enthusiasts - the timeless art of Beyblade battles. Takara Tomy, a renowned name in the world of Beyblade, has come up with an exhilarating set to rev up your battles. The BX-17 Battle Entry Set is designed to take your Beyblade experience to the next level. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all the details of this incredible set. But before we get started, let's understand what makes this set so special.

BX-17 Battle Entry Set

The BX-17 Battle Entry Set: An Overview

The BX-17 Battle Entry Set is a part of the Beyblade X series, which has taken the Beyblade world by storm. It includes everything you need to engage in thrilling Beyblade battles with your friends or opponents. Here's what you'll find in this set:

Dran Sword 3-60F (Red Ver.)

Dran Sword is one of the Beyblades included in this set, and it features a mesmerizing red design.

The "3" in its name represents the layer weight, while "60" denotes the disk's weight, and "F" stands for the frame.

The Beyblade features a balanced weight distribution, which makes it an excellent choice for both defense and attack strategies.

The 60F disk adds stability to the Beyblade, making it more resistant to opponents' attacks.

With its sharp and fast-moving performance tip (F), Dran Sword is ready to take on any challenger.

Wizard Arrow 4-80B (Blue Ver.)

Wizard Arrow is the second Beyblade in the set and comes in a striking blue design.

Similar to Dran Sword, "4" represents the layer weight, "80" indicates the disk weight, and "B" stands for the frame.

The Beyblade is known for its excellent stamina and defense capabilities.

The 80B disk provides additional weight to the Beyblade, making it even more stable during battles.

The ball-shaped performance tip (B) enhances its movement patterns, making it a formidable opponent.

BX-17 Battle Entry set Contents

Winder Launcher (Red Ver.) and Winder Launcher (Blue Ver.)

In addition to the Beyblades, the BX-17 Battle Entry Set also includes two Winder Launchers.

The Red and Blue Winder Launchers are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, providing precise control over your Beyblade launches.

These launchers are essential tools for achieving high-speed and powerful launches, giving you an advantage in battles.

Now that you know what the BX-17 Battle Entry Set includes, let's dive deeper into the key features of each component.


Dran Sword 3-60F (Red Ver.)

Dran Sword is not your ordinary Beyblade, and its unique combination of components makes it a force to be reckoned with in the arena. Let's break down its features:

Layer: Dran Sword

The red and sleek design of Dran Sword is visually striking, but its real power lies in its performance. The layer features an advanced design that maximizes both offense and defense. The three wings on the layer's perimeter offer superior contact points for attack and counterattack maneuvers.

Disc: 3-60F

The 3-60F disc, in the case of Dran Sword, is lightweight and well-balanced. This design choice ensures that the Beyblade remains agile and responsive during battles. The 60F performance tip takes agility to the next level, allowing for precise movements and aggressive attacks.

Overall Performance

Dran Sword 3-60F (Red Ver.) is an excellent choice for Bladers who appreciate versatility. Whether you prefer defensive strategies or enjoy going on the offensive, this Beyblade can adapt to your playstyle. Its striking red design is the icing on the cake.

Bx-17 Dran Sword  Battle Entry Set 3-60F (Red Ver.)

Wizard Arrow 4-80B (Blue Ver.)

Wizard Arrow 4-80B (Blue Ver.) is the other half of the BX-17 Battle Entry Set. This Beyblade has a unique set of features that make it a standout choice for any Blader. Let's explore its components in more detail:

Layer: Wizard Arrow

The layer design of Wizard Arrow boasts an attractive blue color scheme that instantly grabs attention. What's more, it offers superior stamina and defensive capabilities. The layer's structure allows it to outlast opponents by conserving energy during battles.

Disc: 4-80B

The 4-80B disc adds a significant amount of weight to the Beyblade, enhancing its stability. This extra weight ensures that Wizard Arrow remains steady and can hold its ground against formidable opponents. It's a key component for outlasting your rivals.

Overall Performance

Wizard Arrow 4-80B (Blue Ver.) is the perfect choice if you prefer to play the long game. Its stamina and defense stats are second to none, making it a great option for outlasting your opponents in the arena. The mesmerizing blue design adds an aesthetic appeal that complements its impressive performance.

BX 17 Wizard Arrow 4-80B (Blue Ver.)

Winder Launchers (Red Ver. and Blue Ver.)

The BX-17 Battle Entry Set comes complete with two Winder Launchers in red and blue variations. These launchers are crucial for controlling the power and precision of your Beyblade launches.

The Red Ver. launcher is designed for right-spin Beyblades, while the Blue Ver. launcher is ideal for left-spin Beyblades.

These launchers are engineered to provide a comfortable grip, allowing Bladers to exert maximum control over their Beyblade launches.

With the help of these launchers, you can achieve powerful and high-speed launches, gaining a significant advantage over your opponents in battles.


The Takara Tomy Beyblade BX-17 Battle Entry Set is a remarkable addition to the Beyblade X series. It offers Bladers a unique opportunity to experience thrilling battles with Dran Sword 3-60F (Red Ver.) and Wizard Arrow 4-80B (Blue Ver.). These Beyblades are not only visually appealing but also boast exceptional performance capabilities. Additionally, the included Winder Launchers ensure that you have the control and power necessary to dominate in the arena.

Whether you're new to Beyblade or a seasoned Blader, the BX-17 Battle Entry Set has something to offer. It's the perfect way to enhance your collection or start your journey into the world of Beyblade. So, gear up, customize your Beyblades, and get ready for epic battles that will leave you spinning with excitement!

Are you ready to conquer the Beyblade arena with the BX-17 Battle Entry Set? Get yours today and experience the thrill of top-spinning battles like never before.

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