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Beyblade fans, the wait is over. The next generation of Beyblade is here - welcome to the world of Beyblade X! Crafted by the toy masters at Takara Tomy in Japan, Beyblade X takes the iconic Beyblade battles you know and love to thrilling new heights.
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BX-01 Dran Sword Beyblade X
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BX-01 Dran Sword Beyblade X

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When will the fourth generation of Beyblades, "BEYBLADE X" be released?

The fourth generation of Beyblades named as "BEYBLADE X" will be released on Saturday, July 15, 2023.

What is the new gimmick in "BEYBLADE X"?

The new gimmick is called "X Dash," which enables special moves and produces super acceleration for the Beyblade.

How can I purchase/pre-order "BEYBLADE X" products?

How can I purchase/pre-order "BEYBLADE X" products?

Is "BEYBLADE” now considered a sport?

Yes, "BEYBLADE X" has evolved into a sport called "GEAR SPORTS" that requires players to improve their skills and compete in battles.

Are there any digital features available for "BEYBLADE X"?

There is a dedicated smartphone application called "BEYBLADE X" that can be used in conjunction with the "Bay Battle Pass" to measure and record Beyblade power and participate in digital battles.

Can the Bay Battle Pass measure Beyblade power and keep track of battles?

The Bay Battle Pass is a dedicated device that can be attached to a launcher to measure and record Beyblade power and the number of battles.

What new features and improvements can we expect from Beyblade X?

Extreme Speed, an attack gimmick built into stadium, A new gear driver that can inter connect gear band and a new point system that awards

  1. point for stamina finish
  2. points for burst or KO into either of the two corner pockets
  3. points for extreme KO into the large middle pocket

How many and which types of Beyblade X being released?

There are in total 12 Beyblade X releases
BX-01 Dran Sword ( Ratchet - 3-60 Bit - Flat, type: Attack)
BX-02 Hells Scythe ( Ratchet - 4-60 Bit - Taper, Type Balance
BX-03 Wizard Arrow (Ratchet - 4-80 Bit - Ball, Type Stamina)
BX-04 Knight Shield (Ratchet - 3-80 Bit - Needle , Type Defence)
BX-05 WIZARD ARROW (Ratchet - 4-80 Bit - Ball, Stamina)
BX-06 Knight Shield ( Ratchet - 3-80 Bit - Needle ,Defence)
BX-08 Deck Battle Set
BX-10 Stadium
BX-11 Launcher Grip
BX-12 Deck Case

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Embark on Beyblade X Bliss: Takara Tomy's Ingenious Designs (1-27x) and Beyond Await Your Thrill-seeking Adventure!

Beyblade X isn't just a series; it's a whole new way to experience the thrill of Beyblade battles. Dive into the latest designs crafted by Takara Tomy with a range from 1 to 27x, such as Dransword 3-60 Flat and Hellsscythe 4-60T. Plus, we've got something special for you: the 3on3 Deck Battle Set (BX-8), bringing a fresh twist to your gameplay. Want to take the excitement online? The Beyblade X Beybattle Pass (BX-09) has got you covered, connecting you with bladers worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? 
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