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In July 2023, TOMY Company, Ltd. will launch the latest Beyblade series, "BEYBLADE X" featuring the fastest Beyblade ever created. With the introduction of the new gimmick "X," this modern version of the Beyblade beigoma promises super acceleration and exhilarating battles. Let's explore the exciting features and products of this fourth-generation Beyblade series.

Synergizing The Beyblade X

X Dash Gimmick Means The Fastest Attack

The "BEYBLADE X" toy boasts a revolutionary new gimmick called "X Dash." Through redesigned Beyblade frames, launchers, and stadiums, this innovation generates super-acceleration by engaging gears with the rail inside the stadium. This results in the fastest attack in the history of the game, making battles more strategic, intense, and reminiscent of anime and manga moves.

Evolution of Popular Elements

"BEYBLADE X" combines the best features from the previous three generations: "BAKUTEN" Beyblade's modification and battles, "Metal Fight Beyblade's" fierce metal clashes, and "Beyblade Burst's" burst gimmick. The new "X" gimmick further enhances these popular elements, offering an exciting and comprehensive Beyblade experience for players of all ages.

Introducing GEAR SPORTS: A Thrilling Spectator Sport

"Beyblade" has evolved into a captivating sport that not only challenges players' mental and physical skills but also attracts spectators. The introduction of "GEAR SPORTS" competitions emphasizes skill improvement, gear modifications, and precise reconfigurations. This engaging sport captivates both participants and onlookers alike.

Digital Integration: Unleashing Beyblade X in the Digital World

TOMY recognizing the growing influence of digital platforms in the gaming industry and the desire of fans to explore their favorite franchises beyond physical toys, have developed a dedicated smartphone application that seamlessly integrates with the Beyblade X toys. This app serves as a digital hub where players can unlock additional features, access exclusive content, and participate in virtual battles.

Through the app, users can connect their Beyblade X launcher and Bay Battle Pass to their smartphones, enabling them to measure and record their Beyblade's power and usage. This data can be used to earn points, challenge friends, and compete in online tournaments. Additionally, the app provides in-depth statistics and analysis, helping players refine their strategies and improve their performance.

Roblox Collaboration: Enter the Virtual Beyblade Stadium

To bring Beyblade X to the thriving online gaming community, TOMY has teamed up with Roblox, a platform known for its immersive virtual experiences and millions of active users. This collaboration introduces a specially designed Beyblade X virtual stadium within the Roblox platform, where players can engage in epic battles against friends and fellow enthusiasts from around the world.

Beyblade X game in Roblox

In the virtual Beyblade X stadium, players can choose their favorite Beyblade X tops, customize their appearance, and unleash powerful moves and strategies. The Roblox collaboration provides an accessible and engaging way for fans to experience the thrill of Beyblade X. It also fosters a vibrant online community where players can connect, compete, and share their love for the game.

Unlocking Exclusive Digital Rewards

Through the digital integration and Roblox collaboration, players have the opportunity to unlock exclusive digital rewards. These rewards can range from special Beyblade designs, virtual accessories, and unique power-ups to enhance their Beyblade X gameplay. By combining the physical and virtual aspects of Beyblade X, it seems that TOMY aims to create a comprehensive and immersive experience that captivates fans both on and off-screen.

Beyblade X, Where the Physical and Digital Worlds Collide

With the integration of digital technology and the collaboration with Roblox, Beyblade X transcends traditional boundaries, providing fans with an exhilarating fusion of physical and virtual gameplay. Whether battling in the real world or competing online, the Beyblade X experience offers endless excitement, strategic challenges, and a vibrant community to connect with fellow Beybladers. As TOMY continues to innovate and expand the Beyblade X franchise, fans can look forward to an ever-evolving journey where the physical and digital worlds collide in the pursuit of Beyblade supremacy.

Digital and physical elements in Beyblade X. Pre order now

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