Battleship: Marvel Legends Black Panther Wakanda Forever Edition

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Product Information

  • BATTLESHIP: BLACK PANTHER WAKANDA FOREVER GAME: This game for kids ages 7+, brings together strategy, competition, and excitement as players choose sides and go head-to-head on 3D platforms
  • DEPLOY, DEFEND, DEFEAT: Black Panther fans will love this strategy game! It's the ultimate search-and-destroy mission as Wakanda and Talocan face off in a battle at sea on 3 different stacked grids
  • WAKANDAN SHIPS AND TALOCANIL STRUCTURES: Players call out a sector and a row or column to make their hits. If their opponent's tokens occupy any part of that location it's a hit and gets an orange peg
  • INCLUDES VIBRANIUM PEGS: If an opponent hits a location with a vibranium peg, that whole row or column is protected. That shot then deflects to the opponent's same location on their grid
  • 2-PLAYER GAME FOR KIDS: Land a hit and earn a special bonus to use on the next turn. The player who defeats their opponent's entire fleet before theirs is destroyed, wins the game
    Includes 5 Talocanil Structure tokens, 5 Wakandan ship tokens, 82 orange "hit" pegs, 60 blue "miss" pegs, 8 vibranium pegs, 2 bonus trackers, cardboard divider, 8 grid support legs, base, frame, 4 zone grids, and instructions.
    Ages 7 and up
    For 2 players.
    Adult assembly required.
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