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Pokémon S4a Shiny Star V Booster - Pack

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Pokémon S4a Shiny Star V Booster Pack (10 Cards)

Shiny Star V features more than 127 secret cards more than 300 cards in total. This makes it both the largest Japanese set and the largest set,  Shiny Star V also has a parallel foil set, featuring a Reverse Cracked Ice Holofoil variant.

Booster box contains 10 booster packs. Each pack contains 10 cards and one guaranteed Pokémon V or Pokémon VMAX card.

Language: Japanese

Country of origin: Japan

Product Line: Sword & Shield

Set :  Shiny Star V Booster Box

1 Box:  10 Booster Packs 

1 pack :     10 cards