Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Star Birth s9

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Product Information

Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Star Birth  s9 From JAPAN


Condition: NEW

Brand: Pokemon Center

1 pack :     5 cards  (randomly included).  All 100 types + ? randomly enclosed.

Introducing the highly anticipated addition to the Pokémon Card Game universe - the Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Star Birth s9! Straight from the vibrant gaming culture of Japan, this expansion pack brings a celestial touch to your Pokémon battles.

The Star Birth s9 expansion pack introduces a constellation of new Pokémon, each adorned with stunning artwork that captures the essence of the cosmos. From awe-inspiring Legendary Pokémon to mysterious Ultra Beasts, your deck will shine bright with diversity and strategic possibilities.

Inside each pack, you'll discover a constellation of cards, including powerful Pokémon V and VMAX cards that boast incredible HP and devastating attacks. Enhance your tactics with new Trainer cards that will give you the edge in battles, and experience the thrill of uncovering rare and secret cards that will leave you starstruck.

Whether you're a seasoned Pokémon Card Game player or just embarking on your journey, the Sword & Shield Expansion Pack Star Birth s9 from Japan will add a touch of celestial wonder to your collection. Embark on epic battles, forge new strategies, and showcase your skills as you rise among the stars. Are you ready to let your Pokémon dreams take flight? Get your Expansion Pack Star Birth s9 today and experience the cosmos in the palm of your hand.

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