Beyblade X: Fusion Of Previous Generations With Innovations

Beyblade X: A Return To Classic Iconicity With Exciting Innovations

The Beyblade community is buzzing with excitement as Takara Tomy recently unveiled details about their highly anticipated release, Beyblade X. This new generation of Beyblades brings back the simplicity and iconicity that made the series a fan favorite. With a clear inspiration from the original 90s Beyblade series and elements reminiscent of Metal Saga, Beyblade X is set to captivate fans, old and new. In this article, we'll explore the exciting features and innovations that Beyblade X has in store for us.

The Return of Classic Design:

Say goodbye to overcomplicated burst designs. Beyblade X brings back the simplicity and nostalgia of the original Beyblade series. The beys themselves are reminiscent of the iconic 90s designs, featuring the Bit Beast at the center. Fans are thrilled with this return to the roots, as it rekindles the essence of what made Beyblade so popular in the first place.

Fusion of Beyblade generations

Innovative Disassembly System:

Beyblade X introduces a new disassembly system, consisting of three parts: the blade, the main contact points, and the weight of the bey. This system provides customization options and allows players to experiment with different combinations to enhance their strategies. Additionally, the ratchet fits underneath the Bey, serving a similar role to the disc in previous generations, and the belt acts as the driver or performance tip.

Pay Loggers and Mobile App Integration:

The beloved Pay Loggers make a return in Beyblade X, allowing players to attach them to their launchers and connect to a mobile app. By launching their Beyblades and earning points through the app, players can unlock various rewards and potentially win rare Beys exclusive to this method. The introduction of the cobalt Drake as a prize Bey adds an exciting incentive for players to engage with the app and earn valuable rewards.

Beyblade X mobile app

Diverse Launcher Options:

Beyblade X offers a range of launcher options, similar to the previous generation. Players can choose from rip cord launchers, string launchers, and grips that can be attached for enhanced control and precision during battles. This variety ensures that players can find a launcher that suits their individual playstyle and preferences.

Enhanced Stadium Gameplay:

The stadiums in Beyblade X introduce an exciting new gameplay element. With five pockets strategically placed, including four in the corners and one for extra points, players can score knockouts and earn additional points. The drivers have gear teeth around the sides, allowing them to ride directly into the center at high speed, causing significant damage or knocking opponents directly into the pocket. This dynamic gameplay element adds a new level of strategy and excitement to Beyblade battles.

Enhanced game play in Beyblade X


Beyblade X promises a thrilling experience that combines the nostalgia of the classic series with exciting new innovations. With its return to iconic simplicity and introduction of customizable disassembly, players can expect endless possibilities for strategy and customization. The integration of the Pay Loggers and mobile app adds a digital dimension to the gameplay, enticing players with exclusive rewards and rare Beys. Furthermore, the diverse launcher options and enhanced stadium gameplay ensure that battles are intense, strategic, and filled with excitement. As Beyblade X hits the market on July 15th, fans around the world eagerly await the chance to experience this new generation and engage in epic battles like never before.

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